Emily and Jonathan’s Wedding

The sign above their head says, “The Plues”. Jonathan and Emily were happy to be addressed by that last name after their wedding at the historic All Saints Event Space.

The venue is a converted church. Previously All Saints Anglican Church, the new “allsaints” is housed in a heritage property and building of national historic significance in the heart of Ottawa’s Sandy Hill neighborhood. The site of Ottawa’s only royal wedding (Lois Booth to Prince Erik of Denmark) and Prime Minister Robert Borden’s state funeral, the church features stunning WWI memorial stained glass windows and a tower with a rare nine-bell chime.

There are about 120 people in attendance patiently waiting for the wedding to begin, enjoying the string quartet’s notes float in the vaulted sanctuary. Meanwhile, my friends from SOPAC were performing an opera in the adjacent Bate’s Hall. All Saints has become a busy community venue in the short time it has existed. I greeted Amanda Powell, the couple’s excellent wedding planner and reviewed the event with her to ensure we were all on the same page.

Jonathan and Emily love their dog, Bobby. He was walked down the aisle by one of the young attendants. There was also a wedding favor named in his honor, Bobby’s BBQ Sauce.

Emily entered the hall and was presented by her father to Jonathan.

Emily’s two brother’s each read a passage from the bible; Corinthians 13 and Romans 12. When her first brother, Brad, came up on the stage, he went to the lectern on my right and said, “I guess I am on stage right.” I teased him that it was stage left, or audience right,  then directed him to take the microphone I was using.

They repeated their vows with confidence. A quick prayer to bless the rings and they were exchanged. I led the audience in reciting the Lord’s Prayer and declared them married. I stepped aside, grabbing the microphone so that the photographer, Melissa O’Brien, could capture the moment from behind me.

Off they went to their reception; cocktails, dinner and donuts. Congrats Jonathan and Emily.