Amazing Chic Ideas for Curvy Brides

Choosing the right wedding dress is difficult for any bride, but it can be especially hard for curvy women. The ideal wedding gown should make you feel confident and beautiful regardless of your body shape. In the past, it was hard for curvy women to find the perfect dress for their bodies.

Fortunately, it is much easier to find the right dress today no matter your body shape. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right wedding dress for your body:

Accentuate the Waist

Dresses that accentuate the waist always flatter curvy women. If you want to show off your figure, you should look for a form fitting wedding dress that cinches your waist. Make sure that the dress cinches your waist, hugs your hips, and then falls loosely over your lower body.

An A-line dress will downplay your curves. For this reason, you should opt for dresses that do not have a dramatic flare. When shopping online, you need to know things such as all Azazie bridesmaid dresses can be plus size.

Try Draping Designs

When choosing your wedding gown, you should opt for a little structure, simplicity, as well as subtle sexiness. Depending on the type of wedding dress that you want, you could choose a dress made from a stretchy fabric that wraps across your waist or chest. This look will work if you want to go with a non-traditional wedding dress.

Opt for Solid Colors

Solid hues, whether in dark or light colors always work well for curvy women. Since most brides would rather wear lighter colors, you should stick to cream, white, or light pinks. Make sure that you opt for monochromatic dresses because prints will not flatter your body shape.

Add a Feminine Flourish

You should opt for gown with feminine details such as poufs, peplums, and pleats.  If you want to show off your femininity, you should choose a heavily ornamented dress. You can also boost your figure by opting for a gown with beading, ruffles, or bows. When you wear an ornamented dress, you will not have to wear jewelry, as that will be overkill.

Use Color Blocking Techniques

Make sure that you choose an outfit that defines your waist properly. The thing about a cinched waist is that it brings out your femininity and makes you look great. If you already have a dress that does not flatter your midsection, you should think about wearing a belt that brings in your waist.


You should also consider color blocking by using two different colors that break up at the waist. This will enhance your hourglass figure and make you feel beautiful on your big day.

Know Your Fabrics

Knowing the fabrics that you like will streamline the shopping process thus making it easier to choose the right wedding dress. When you know the type of fabric that you want, you will not have to browse through hundreds of wedding dresses. For instance, if you know that lace flatters your figure, you will not need to browse through other fabrics.

Befriend a Tailor


A good tailor can have a big impact in the way your dress fits. A tailor can be the difference between a sloppy, frumpy outfit and a well fitting wedding dress. If you cannot find the perfect fit when shopping for a wedding dress, a tailor will come in handy.


You should follow the above tips to find a dress that fits your body perfectly. Make sure that you start shopping for your wedding dress at least six months in advance: this way, you might find the perfect dress.