Chris and Ashley’s Wedding

A quick text, ” I am on my way, be there in 10 minutes.” I felt up-beat for Chris and Ashley’s wedding at NeXT restaurant in Stittsville. It was a bright sunny day, the flood waters had peaked, and it seemed spring may have finally arrived.

There was hardly anyone there when I entered the venue. That’s Ok by me. I don’t like arriving and rushing around. It allowed me to chat with Jilian, the venue’s host, and the DJ from Quality Entertainment. I like to catch up with people to get insights on the industry.

When the Ashley arrived in the limo, I climbed aboard to get a pulse on how everyone was feeling. Jilian came out to chat with Ashley, “We are ready to go as soon as we find Alan… Oh there you are!” I quipped, “I am just relaxing with the ladies.”

I said a quick hello to one of my fav photographers, Melissa O’Brien and then we got ready to go. Chris and his parents walked down the aisle first.

Then Ashley came down beaming.

It all went off wonderfully. The happy couple made their way out to the bar where prosecco was handed to all.

Then Ashley reminded me that I had performed her friends’s wedding 10 years ago. So I had a pic taken of us together. Her friend, Clare, is beside me on the right. I love it when this happens. It makes me feel like I contribute to the happiness of our community. Congrats to everyone!