Wedding Preparation: How to Prep for Hair and Makeup Trials

Wind-swept hair and smudged makeup are not the end of the world—they happen every day. However, you don’t want to experience any imperfections on your big day! So, in order to ensure you look absolutely gorgeous, you need to prep for a hair and makeup trial.

pexels-photo-1676133Pick your dress first

The style of your dress will greatly affect your hair and makeup, so make sure to pick out your wardrobe first. For instance, a neat ballerina bun might not fit a light boho-inspired dress while a dress that has open back might call for an updo instead of a cascading waterfall of hair. Make sure to bring the photo of your dress with you in it to your trails. If you pick the right hair stylist, they will know exactly what to do with your hair and make it fit your dress!

Book your trials well in advance

First of all, don’t schedule your trials a few days before the wedding. You want to do this well in advance so that you can reschedule or find a new stylist in case your trials don’t go as planned. Additionally, don’t hesitate to book a longer appointment. You might want to test a few different hairstyles and makeup looks. These usually last a bit longer than regular appointments, but your stylist should know how to recommend the best timeframe.

Pick the right expertsPick the right experts

As you probably don’t have any time and money to waste on amateur hair stylists and makeup artists, it’s best to go with someone really experienced. Check out your experts’ hair and beauty supply and make sure they use only the most quality products and tools. Cheap products will not only leave subpar results but also potentially damage your hair and skin which is something you definitely don’t want before your wedding.

Bring your accessories

If you’re planning on wearing any type of accessories like veils and various headpieces, make sure to bring them with you to your hair and makeup trial. And, don’t forget the jewelry! Your earrings, necklaces and other bling will affect your hairstyle and your makeup, so make sure to provide them to your stylists so they know what they’re working with. If you want to know exactly what you look like with your makeup and hair done, grab a camera and snap a few photos under different lighting.

Bring photos

Bring plenty of inspirational photos for your makeup and hair artists. That’s the only way to truly describe what you desire from your final look, plus they will come in handy to your stylists while constructing your vision. Additionally, bring a few photos of things you definitely don’t want. Why? Well, your definition of a “hard makeup” might be very different from your makeup artist’s definition and you don’t want to be disappointed at the end.

pexels-photo-58457Time your appointments

If you’re pretty much unsure of your wedding-day schedule, make sure to start the timer when you get to your hair and makeup trials. If your stylist needs an hour to do your hair today, they will probably need the same amount of time on your wedding day as well. It’s a useful thing to know when it comes to planning.

Schedule smart

Once you leave your trial, you’ll look all primped. It would be a real waste to spend the rest of your day at home, so make sure to schedule smart. For instance, plan your appointment for the same day as your engagement photo shoot, your bridal shower or just take your future spouse on a date to relax and catch your breath from all that planning and scheduling!

Hair and makeup trials are a must, so make sure to pick the right experts, be vocal about your wishes and you’ll surely look like million dollars on your wedding day!