Farah and Vanlang’s Wedding

There are those who doubt the power of love to cross boundaries. I witness its power in super couples like Farah and Vanlang. They are the truth that your match is out there somewhere.

The tremendous amount of rain that we had since the last wedding I posted, has turned the Ottawa River into a swollen vessel. A flood that has not been seen in 100 years. I crossed the Chaudiere Bridge from Ottawa to get to the Crowne Plaza in Gatineau. It was really scary seeing the water so close. Later that evening the city closed access to the bridge.

For the first time in its history, the damn had all its slots open to let water through.

Inside the hotel, all was set for the 210 guests that Farah and Vanlang invited. Both their fathers were gracious in welcoming everyone. I had to ask them to pause so that all the guest could seat themselves and we could start the ceremony. I lined them up and we were ready to go.

Farah is of East Indian heritage while Vanlang is of Buddhist Vietnamese descent. Neither wanted any religious aspects in their ceremony. However, they did honor their culture with their dress.

The cute flower girl eagerly flung petals in the air as she walked down the aisle as a prelude to the bride.

Farah accompanied by her father was radiant in coming to meet Vanlang. Although they had taken pictures before the ceremony, they were beaming at each other’s sight.

They recited their own vows. I always find this lovely as you get an insight into their relationship.

I declared them married and pointed them to head down the aisle. Well not quite. They shared a thankful moment with their parents first, then they made their exit. Congrats.