Changes to Getting Married in Ontario and Quebec

For 15 years, I have been licensed to perform weddings in both the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Ever once in a while, some processes change. It is worth noting as you move forward in planning your wedding.


There is a new marriage license application form that you can see below. What is of interest is that there is 11018E (3)room for four parents per applicant. Biologically speaking, we all have two parents. Therefore I am somewhat baffled of the need for this change. I have yet to find instructions as to what circumstances would lead to someone listing four parents. Here are some musings as to why:

1- You are part of a new genetic experiment. You have the two sets of genes from the father and mother. In addition, you have an extra gene set from another egg donor that spliced out a genetic defect in your genome. Yes folks, this type of experiment is underway

2- You are adopted and consider them your parents. But you also know the identity of your biological parents.

3- You are part of a divorced family. Your mother/father remarried and their new spouse adopts you. Now you have three parents.

4- Your mother had several relationships and is not sure who the father is. Could be partner 1, 2, or 3. Kind of like in the movie Mama Mia.

New Form: 11018E (3)


There are two updates in Quebec. Earlier this year, the posting of a marriage was changed from being at the wedding venue to being an electronic posting. Your officiant/celebrant/minister/priest must post a notice 20 business days before your event. Weekends don’t count. I recommend that you give all the needed information to them 30 business days before so that they can meet their deadline. If your posting is not accepted then the province will not process your Declaration de Mariage afterwards.

The second change is that it is now required for the officiant/celebrant/minister/priest to state the following at some point during the ceremony:

“Jack and Jill before uniting you in the bonds of marriage, I am required to read to you certain articles of the Civil Code which set out the rights and duties of spouses:

Article 392.  The spouses have the same rights and obligations in marriage.
They owe each other respect, fidelity, succour and assistance.
They are bound to live together.
Article 393. In marriage, both spouses retain their respective names and exercise their civil rights under those names.
Article 394. The spouses together take in hand the moral and material direction of the family, exercise parental authority and assume the tasks resulting therefrom.
Article 395. The spouses choose the family residence together.
In the absence of an express choice, the family residence is presumed to be the residence where the members of the family live while carrying on their principal activities.
Article 396. The spouses contribute towards the expenses of the marriage in proportion to their respective means.
The spouses may make their respective contributions by their activities within the home.”
I will leave it up to you to discuss Article 396. Also note, these Articles apply to you only if your principal residence is in the province of Quebec. I still have to say them at your wedding but you are governed by the marriage laws of your principle residence.