Tips on How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

If you are a pet lover and you want to include your dog in your wedding, it may be challenging for you. But Don’t worry, to make this easy for you, we have included some viable alternatives in this article. So, continue reading:

The proposal

Proposal is an unforgettable moment, so people do something special for making memorable. That’s why you can get your dog’s help to make the proposal unforgettable. You can attach the ring box to the dog’s collar and then send him to your spouse or you can stand your dog next to the “will you marry me”. When you will tell others about your proposal, it will be a great story. So not only your dog will include in this occasion but also your marriage proposal will be memorable.

Engagement Photos & Save-the-Dates

You can include your dog in your engagement photo session. If your dog well behaved, you can capture some cute photos with your dog during the engagement session with the help of an experienced photographer. It depends on you, which type pose you like to take with your dog. You can also wear a sign to the dog to make the engagement session and the presence of the dog special. This sign may also be that my friend is getting married. Through those pictures you can announce your engagement. We are sure that the presence of your dog will make your engagement session joyful.


If you want your dog does not have to take any risk to participate in your wedding or photoshoot then you can include your dog in other ways. You can attach a cute photo captured with your dog on the invitation. Not only this, you can use dog-themed invitation. You will find many options at It will also show your love for your dog. Apart from this, custom invitations can be created by venders with a drawing of your dog and other pets.  


Before including a dog into the ceremony, it is necessary to make sure that the ceremony space allows a dog or not. Also, you need to discuss this with your officiant as well. If allowed, then what could be better for you than to show love to your furry friend. If your dog well behaved, he will be proved a dog of honor in the ceremony. You should dress up your dog well. Your dog can be the ring bearer or simply escort the flower girl down the aisle. Before planning anything, you should do some trial runs with your dog so that he becomes familiar with the surrounding environment because then you or your friend will not face any kind of problem.


If you have a party dog then you will not have any problem for making your dog’s appearance at your reception. He will help you in making your grand entrance. You can make those moments memorable by sharing your first dance with your dog at reception. Your dog’s lovely activities which he does with you will make the reception that much more personal and joyful. Apart from this, you can sit him under the table at your feet. When you get busy in other activities, you can hire a dog sitter to monitor him because your dog stays away from home for a long time during the marriage, therefore he needs special care.  

Thank-You Notes

If you can not include your dog in your wedding for any reason still he can thank your guests on your behalf. For a thank-you-note you should capture a cute photo both of you with your dog. In this photo you can maintain your dog’s presence in your wedding by including your dog with Thank-You-Notes. We are sure that this picture will definitely add a personal touch which can be a lasting impression for you on this occasion.

After reading this article, we are sure that you will definitely use these tips for including your dog in your wedding because these tips help you to include your dog in your wedding and make every moment special and memorable for you which you spend with him.

Contributed by Anoop Nain