Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

It finally happened. The question was popped, tears of joy were shed and the adrenaline rush surged through you and your significant other due to the fact that you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together. Once the dust settles, you’ll soon realize that there’s a lot to do in preparation for the big day. Upon this realization, one might get a bit overwhelmed by the pressure of everything having to be perfect. Not only time and the amount of work put pressure on you, but there are other factors such as friends and family as well as the race with other couples to book the best band, decorator, stylist or caterer. However, when such a thing happens, it’s good to take a deep breath and go step by step. Start with the venue as it will enable you to set a date and give you grounds to stand on.

Decide on the sizeDecide on the size

This may seem quite logical, but you can’t imagine how many Australian couples tend to make the wrong estimation on how big of a space they actually need, ending up with overcrowded weddings. You need to have your guest count for the wedding before you start your quest for the perfect venue. Once you got that covered, you need to find a place that can accommodate that many people. However, you also need to think about how the place is going to look once all those people, all the tables and the band are there. Ask for photos from similar events to help you get the right picture.

A great view

Another important aspect of choosing a great venue is thinking about the view. It may seem superficial but in fact, it’s plain logic. Everyone wants stunning wedding photos and you can’t have those without beautiful views. It is guaranteed to make an event a million times better when people feel good and they definitely feel like that in a breathtaking setting. One such place is the surreal Vaucluse restaurant in the suburbs of Sydney where many couples decide to tie the knot. Their lush gardens are destined to blow you away.

Distinct areasDistinct areas

Not only do you need a place that is big enough but you also need to have separate areas for dining, dancing and mingling. This trend is becoming more and more popular in Australia and it makes perfect sense. You can’t expect this large number of people to be in the mood for the same things throughout the whole celebration. This is why it would be ideal to find a venue with at least two separate rooms, one for the band and the stage and the other one for meals and chatter.

Plan B

Regardless of the fact that we all want our D day to go as smoothly as possible, we need to be ready in case something goes wrong. While many people opt for an outdoor wedding, we can never completely predict the weather, which is why we should be prepared for rain at all times. So, no matter how amazing the outdoor part of the restaurant may look, pay attention to the inside as well and make sure it can accommodate all your guests.


All in all, choosing the most suitable place for your wedding can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult. If you focus on all the key criteria, you won’t have anything to worry about. In the end, it comes down to what you and your partner want for your special day. Even if the place you want has a long waiting list, perhaps it’s a sacrifice worth making for the wedding of your dreams.