The 5 Most Important Things Not To Forget When Wedding Planning

Small or big, your wedding day will require lots of planning. The best thing is to start preparing right after the engagement, since the time between “Yes” and “I Do” goes by way too quickly. Besides the general checklist and your own wishlist, there are many more things to be considered and things that could go wrong if not planned properly and well ahead. We compiled a brief list of the most common wedding organization mistakes and ways to handle the planning so they don’t happen.

Be realisticBe realistic

Feel free to make your wedding dreams come true and support your partner in doing so, but be realistic when making plans. If you want to go crazy with decoration, or push the budget limit with the wedding dress, that’s more than okay – but make sure have a discussion well ahead with your partner or parents (in case they’re paying for the wedding), and go through the budget details in order to avoid financial drawbacks later and achieve the optimal solution. Especially in a big city like Sydney, from flower decoration to renting a venue, prices can be insanely high – so make sure that figuring out the budget and sticking to it is high on your to-do list.

Ask for help

Wedding planning may sound like lots of fun, but it comes with plenty of stress, pressure and tasks to handle. Although you might want to take everything upon yourself and make sure it’s all exactly how you imagined, don’t be reluctant to ask for help. If you want a full-service wedding planner to assist you during the entire process, hiring one should be your very first step after getting engaged. However, even without the professional wedding planner, you should divide to-dos among your close friends and family members, making sure everyone is well aware of their responsibilities and willing to take them upon themselves. And don’t worry thinking you’re pressuring someone into doing something they don’t want – your loved ones will be honored to take part in planning the biggest day of your life.

Book vendors on timeBook vendors on time

The average amount of time couples spend planning their wedding is from 11 to 13 months. Anyhow, even if your planning time is less than that, it’s doable as long as you have the wedding vendor timeline organized. According to where you live, and how well you know local vendors, you’ll be able to plan and prioritize. If you’re looking for the best catering services in Sydney, better do it quickly since they’re usually busy months in advance. Moreover, doing a bit of research and reading online reviews may speed up the process and help you hire the best vendors and make sure everything will be set and ready for the big day.

Eat food and drink water

It’s the one thing you might not read in dozens of wedding magazines you’ve been browsing – take care of yourself! Days, weeks and even months before the wedding can be so stressful and tense that you have no time for yourself and your basic needs. Do not let the wedding hype damage your health, since then it’s all for nothing. While you’re running errands, stressing about the smallest details, and constantly on pins and needles awaiting the big day, make sure to have healthy snacks and refreshment breaks.

pexels-photo-1770964You can’t please everyone

Last, but not least important, is to remember that this day is about you and your partner. Forget about indulging the whims of your families, pleasing the distant cousins, or impressing the old frenemies from high school – it’s not their day, it’s yours.

Take note of the tips above and start planning the biggest party of your life! All the hard work you, your partner, your families, friends and vendors put into organizing the big day will pay off once the “walking down the aisle” day finally comes, and you’re enjoying every minute of it.