Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in 2019

Photo by Sunlit Studios Australia

You can throw the stereotypical honeymoon ideas out of the window. The very concept has changed so drastically over the last couple of decades – just like the concept of the wedding itself. Honeymoons used to be all about the lovebirds, but these days they are also about the sheer sense of adventure and everything that goes with that package. If you are ready to look beyond the love-struck eyes of your partner and embark, hand in hand, on the first intense experience of your nuptial lives, here are the top 5 honeymoon destinations in 2019.

Bay of Islands

New Zealand is probably one of the most popular destinations for couples that are in the mood for epic hikes through the most jaw-dropping scenery imaginable. It practically goes without saying that the popularity of these landscapes has been helped along considerably by the Middle Earth films. However, if you are looking for a perfect mix of scenery and a honeymoon idyll, look no further than New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. This destination promises days of wine and sunsets, a beautiful assembly of beachside locales and walking trails that cut into lush greenery. If you are both crazy about the outdoors, consider renting a beautiful cottage near the beachside.


The elongated country of Chile is sandwiched between the coastline of the Pacific and the vast ranges of the Andes. As such, it packs one hell of a punch in terms of landscapes – from arid deserts and lush forests to snowy peaks and gargantuan steppes of Patagonia. In other words, this is a perfect country for a honeymoon road trip, but you cannot even begin to imagine the experience you’ll be treated to if you’ve never been there. Google Atacama salt flats, Patagonia and Liucura River just to get the idea of the sheer magnificence that awaits you as the newlyweds.


Switzerland is a jewel of Europe that sits, somewhat conveniently, right in the middle of the continent. This diverse and vibrant country has a rich history which is embodied in the incredible cultural heritage of buildings, well-preserved towns and topographical highlights. If you have never visited this corner of Europe tucked away among the Alpine mountain ranges, you should consider talking to a dedicated team of Switzerland Travel Connection specialists who can give you a comprehensible tour according to what interests you and your loved one. Do you want to go on a railway adventure through the evergreen countryside, have a cosmopolitan escapade in Zurich or get lost in the winter delight of the picturesque mountains? The choice is yours and the world is your oyster when you are on a honeymoon.


Morocco is an eternal destination. There is something that is just so captivating about this country that manages to synthesize the historical and cultural influences of Europe, Africa and even Middle East into such a cohesive and captivating experience. This is a place that serves as a sort of crossroads for the echoes of history, and they are felt so intensely with every step. Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakesh, Rabat – these are all unforgettable and iconic locations where you can stroll around with your loved one like a pair of archeologists from the silver screen, peeking around every corner and looking into each nook and cranny in search of wonder and intrigue.


If you plan to embark on a honeymoon in spring, you may just want to consider, for a moment, the utter sublime gorgeousness of Japan during this season. The cherry blossoms paint the landscapes in various shades of pink and purple, and the ultra-modern neon-glazed cities of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are always bewildering places to get lost in. The mix of urban experiences and natural splendor is bar none and traditional lodgings could be the perfect accommodation for two lovebirds.

No matter what destination you settle on, you also have to make sure that its distance and biosphere makeup do not pose any discomfort for either of you. This means that you should take allergies and climate conditions into consideration. Of course, you should also look into travel insurance packages which can serve as a crucial safety net so you and your loved one can truly enjoy yourselves without anything nagging you in the back of your mind.

Contributed by Amelia Atkins