How to organize an eco-friendly wedding

Photo by Alan Viau

A wedding is a milestone in a person’s life and everyone wants to celebrate the occasion in the best possible manner. While it’s true that weddings are fun occasions to enjoy with family and friends; it’s also true that they can be very wasteful. If you belong to that league of people who feel saddened to see lots of wastage in weddings then a ‘green wedding’ is the concept you should embrace. ‘Green weddings’ or eco-friendly weddings are not about skipping the party, gorgeous invites, flowers or delicious meals—it’s about making small changes that make a major impact. Here are some really amazing ideas to make your ‘green-wedding’ extra special.

Buy an ethically sourced engagement ring

An engagement ring is not just another piece of jewelry for couples. It symbolizes the eternal bond of love. So make sure, when you are picking your engagement ring, you don’t unknowingly buy a ring that has a history of human and environment abuse. Diamond harvesting is stained with fueling conflict while mining of precious metals is often quite damaging to the environment. Also, sometimes the mine workers have to work in very risk conditions and are denied fair wages.

Options available:

Thankfully, for environmentally conscious brides and grooms there are plenty of stunning and affordable, ‘green-certified’ options available that will be perfect for your ethical and sustainable wedding.

You can even consider recycling or reusing your old ring. All you need to do is use your family heirlooms (Remember Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement ring?) This way you will not only help the environment but will also honor your family traditions.

Choose Eco-friendly invitations

As the couples become increasingly environmentally conscious, it has become easier than ever to find invitations cards that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are some amazing ideas for your eco-friendly wedding invitations:

Seed paper invitations

Today, there are plantable seed paper invitations available that let your beautiful wedding memories live on. Such invitations are printed on seed paper that grows herbs and wildflowers when planted in the soil.

Recycled paper invitations

This is the easiest wedding invitation idea for your eco-friendly wedding. Wedding invitations made of 100% recycled paper ensure that no new trees are cut down and our carbon footprint is offset. These days, recycled wedding invitations are available in many stylish designs and patterns. So, go ahead and make your special day even more special with recycled paper invitations.

Keepsakes that double up as wedding invites

You can consider giving your guests small gifts that can double up as wedding invitations. For example, you can give an eco-friendly coaster that can also serve as a wedding invite.

Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers can be a source of distress to the environment too. Not many people know that not all flowers are organic. Most of the farms use lots of chemicals to keep insects at bay which not just kills pests but also kills beneficial insects like honey bees and some birds as well. Also, the pesticides pollute the soil, making it toxic.

Options available

To make sure your wedding flowers are not a cause of distress to the environment and humans, look for flowers that are VeriFlora certified, which means they were grown without chemicals. Also, always buy local and in-season flowers to insure the freshest, best quality blooms at the best price. For your centerpieces and other decoration you can go for potted blooms instead of cut-flowers.

Source your food locally

Just like flowers, a lot of chemicals are used for growing our food too. So, look for organic and earth-friendly food for your wedding. Organic food may be slightly costlier than the non-organic food, so another option is to source your food from locally-grown, in-season products. This will not just help keep the cost down but also guarantee the freshest finds.

Advantages of shopping locally

When you buy your food directly from the farmers, your food doesn’t require preservatives, it doesn’t require packaging, you help the local farmers and you’re being kind to the Mother Earth too.

Wedding Dress

Everyone wants to look their stylish best on their big day. If you are soon to get married, there are some amazing eco-friendly and affordable wedding dress options available:

Options for eco-friendly wedding dress

Upcycle your mom’s wedding dress: Brides looking for eco-friendly options can consider upcycling their mothers’ wedding gown. You can work with a tailor and stylist to make it more your style. This will not just be a wonderful eco-friendly option but will also make you connect with your mom on another level.

Use a dress made of sustainable fabrics: If you don’t like the idea of reusing an old dress then a very good option available to you is to use a dress made of sustainable fabrics. Some brands, such as H&M offer eco-conscious wedding collection for those looking for eco-friendly wedding dress options.

Don’t waste – Donate

Doing charity on your big day is the perfect way to start your new life. You can share the love and earn blessings by not letting your wedding items to go to waste. Here are some items that you can donate:

You can donate your wedding dress to less fortunate brides who can only dream to wear a beautiful dress on their wedding. You can encourage your bridesmaids to do so too.

You can donate your wedding flowers to a local hospice and make the ones in need feel special.

You can donate packaged, unused dinner rolls and food items to food banks so that they can serve it to poor and homeless people.

Last but not the least – Do not litter

The best way to go on your eco-friendly wedding day is to go litter-free. Instead of paper and plastic, you can use biodegradable, water soluble substitutes. Gift your wedding guests flower seeds as return gifts or locally sourced organic items. Compost the leftover food and rotten flowers and use natural colors and flowers for the exit toss. You can include pets in your wedding. There is so many adorable ways to include your pet in your wedding day also. We will create a separate post for that.

These were some simple and affordable ideas to make your green-wedding special and make it a day to remember for you and your guests. Tell us how you liked the ideas and how can we make this list even more elaborate for our readers. We’d love to hear from you.

Contributed by: Anoop Nain