Wedding Guest Looks That Are Always on Trend



Photo by Robbie Noble on Unsplash

The bride’s dress should always be the centre of attention at her wedding, but that doesn’t mean that the mere mortals who are attending don’t get to spend just as much time planning their looks for that day. You, as the wedding guest, also have a lot to consider before picking the right outfit. Is it a formal wedding at a fancy venue? Is it a casual, smaller gathering at a rustic location? Or it’s more of a party wedding with a DJ? What time of year is it? Taking time and place (and a dozen other factors) into account, you are still left with an endless list of options. Whatever the case may be, here are some on-trend wedding guest looks that you can hardly ever go wrong with.

Fairy Goddess

Outdoor weddings are the perfect occasion to wear a Greek goddess dress that can have you looking like a regal fairy goddess – and fairy tales are always on trend at weddings. This type of dress looks best with a plunging neckline and soft pink hues, which you can combine with an equally whimsical braid in your hair.



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Asymmetry is usually a win when it comes to wedding guest looks. A maxi dress that has a high hemline on one side and low hemline on the other not only looks good but is also versatile. This dress can function both as a spring and a summer wedding outfit. Also, you can always bring the edginess of the asymmetry down a little by choosing a pastel and floral print.


It is generally acceptable to wear short dresses to a wedding (unless they are expressly formal). However, if you do go for a mini dress with a very short hemline, try to balance it out with a high neckline. If the wedding is set during a chillier season, you can always combine the dress with dark stockings for even more elegance.

Flower Power


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Flower power is never going out of style when it comes to weddings. Whichever shape you choose for your dress, you can’t go wrong by opting for an elegant floral pattern in the form of roses with blush details.


Lace is not out of the question just because you’re not the bride – quite the contrary. Lace is a popular choice among wedding attendees and can be an extremely stylish one if it’s done right. The trick to making lace look less bridal is to choose a darker colour for your dress such as red or navy.

Wrap Dress


Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

If the wedding is less formal, like a charming garden party, one of the best options to go with are high-quality cotton dresses – wrap style. Long or short, these dresses are always in, especially when you are dancing the night away at a warm summer wedding.


Jumpsuits are a great way to play with the classic wedding guest look while still staying on trend. To avoid feeling like you’ve just left the office, make your jumpsuit bright and bold by choosing vibrant colours and low necklines.

Warm Accessories


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No matter what the season is, you should always have something that you can wrap over your dress because even if it is the middle of summer, it is bound to get cooler at night. If you opted for an itty bitty summer dress, that’s fine. Simply remember to accessorise it with something warm, such as a shawl or a blazer.

The trendiest of all is to actually feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Whatever your outfit of choice may be, just make sure that you feel good in it and that you don’t outshine the bride (too much).