Top 10 Popular Wedding Flower Choices of 2019

Photo by Alan Viau

Planning a wedding is no easy task. One of the most important elements is choosing the decorations and making everything work together. In addition, the essential part there is to pick the right arrangement of flowers. Choosing the right flowers for the most important day of your life is what makes the difference and what makes your wedding stand out compared to other ones. So it is no easy task to make the right decision.

Women often seek advice from experienced people. Anne Towsend, from Flowers Shop in London, says that one needs to incorporate different elements when making a choice. It is not something that can be done on the fly and definitely not something that you need to rush with.

But if you want our advice, we have comprised a list of the most popular flower choices best suited for a wedding in 2019. According to popularity and the recent trends, these choices are the most beautiful ones but also the most cost-effective.


Peonies are perfect for a summer or spring wedding. Their lush look and sophisticated fragrance evoke romantic feelings in everybody, which is very suitable for a wedding. You can combine them with other cream-colored flowers and it also goes well with some eucalyptus leaves.

A Peony flower is traditionally pink and there is no other flower of the same shape or look. But there are some strains which are red or white which can also be suitable for a wonderful wedding.


When in doubt, go with the rose! Decorating your wedding with rose flowers is very romantic. Roses are traditionally the most suitable flowers for these kinds of occasions and they never go out of style. It may sound like a cliché but it actually works and suits any occasion of this sort.

Flowers are traditionally red and a red rose is a symbol of love and purity. But roses come in all sorts of other colors and are available all year long. You can’t miss if you decorate your wedding with roses!


A Gardenia flower is a very peculiar choice for a wedding. But it is also a really good one. Gardenias are elegant and graceful and are native to Japan and Southeast Asia. But they can work almost on any occasion as long as the wedding is in spring.

One of the characteristics of Gardenias is that they have no stems, so you can really be creative with them. You can place them floating in a bowl of water, put them in your hair or come up with all sorts of decorations that can make the wedding look even better.

Calla Lily

The Calla Lily has become one of the most interesting choices for a wedding in recent times. These type of flowers invoke boldness and determination but are also very beautiful and can work as a splendid decoration. The Calla Lily comes in different sort of colors so it can work on different occasions.

For instance, if you go with the creamy ivory hue you can decorate your summer garden wedding that way. But if you are into the dark purple option you can arrange a modern, art deco style wedding. There are also other color variants like yellow, pink and orange.


Succulents seem like an odd choice for a wedding. In fact, in recent times succulents have started to take over and more and more people are including using them for this kind of an occasion. Modern decorators also say that it is the flower of the future.

The most important advantage of succulents is that they are very durable and can withstand heat. They also come in different colors so whatever the theme of your wedding is you can make it happen with succulents.


Carnations are known as filler flowers. But in recent times people have started using them as the main ones. It is rather obvious as carnations are gentle looking colors and come with frilly petals and in many colors.

They are extremely versatile and can be used for different kinds of themes. Also, these flowers bloom almost the entire year long so if you are making a winter wedding you can use Carnations as a decoration.


Orchids are perfect flowers for a wedding. They symbolize beauty and refinement and have an air of mystery to it like no other flower. Orchids will accentuate your wedding theme and give it more edge.

Orchids are traditionally used as a part of the bridal bouquet but can work as a part of other decorations. It is perfect for a beach or tropical wedding!


A Dahlia is also a sophisticated kind of a flower. They bloom in a wide array of colors and can be subdued but also vibrant as well. They have rough petals so using Dahlias provides a statement for your entire theme.

Dahlias work best when they are combined with other loose greeneries. They are best used for summer weddings because of their elegant look.


A Tulip belongs to the lily family and is one of the more recognizable flowers overall. People usually connect it with Easter, but it has also become popular as a part of wedding decoration.

Tulips work best for spring weddings and come in various colors. They are oblong petals and can be paired with many different types of arrangements.


Hydrangea flowers are bigger than most when they are in full blossom. Instead of using more flowers to make a bouquet you can use two or three of them and save some money. But besides the cost-effectiveness, these flowers are really beautiful and very suitable for weddings.

A Hydrangea symbolizes emotion and perseverance and they come in the shape of a beating heart. They come in pale pink or white hues and evoke femininity and purity.

Contributed by Amelia Atkins