5 Tips to Help You Survive a Wedding When You Have a Baby

As if being a parent isn’t challenging and exhausting enough, from time to time you get invited to family reunions, lunches, dinners, baptisms, and weddings. Because your baby and you are still adjusting to each other and the world, it’s understandable that you want to be prepared when going somewhere with your baby. We’ve put together a list of five useful tips to help you survive a wedding party when you’re attending it with your baby.

Make a dealMake a deal

Caring for a baby at a wedding is exhausting, as is carrying it around along with toys and diaper bags, so make a deal with your partner on how you’ll be sharing the duties. The baby load is rather heavy so the two of you should share as much as possible. When one of you is carrying the baby, the other one should carry the bag and vice versa. Even when you’re sitting, you shouldn’t be the only one holding the child, so make a deal to take turns. You should also take turns when it comes to diaper changing and bottle-feeding.

Accept help

Cute babies get almost as much attention as brides, so don’t be surprised when people surround you and start asking if they can hold your baby. Feel free to accept some of these offers! Not only will this allow your friends and relatives to bond with your baby, but you will also get a chance to rest and perhaps even take a brief walk around. Don’t hesitate to accept help from people who are willing to offer it.

Pack carefully

Even though babies mostly eat, sleep, poop, and cry, parents know that it’s impossible to leave the house without careful preparations. Make sure you bring along a fashionable nappy bag that will go well with your outfit because you’ll be carrying it around for as long as you’re at the wedding. Along with diapers and wet wipes, pack toys, bottles, spare baby clothes, as well as some muslin cloth. Remember that weddings usually include loud music, so baby ear defenders are also a good idea.

pexels-photo-377058Bring a baby carrier

Sooner or later, your arms are going to get tired, and so will you. Carrying your baby in your arms might be convenient at first, but after a while, you will want to grab a drink and eat something, and it will be virtually impossible when your baby is in your arms. A baby carrier is a great idea because it will allow you to keep an eye on them while still making sure they’re comfortable. On the other hand, if your baby is fussy, you can use a swaddle. Your closeness will soothe the child, and you will still be able to move around freely even if they’re asleep.

Know when to draw the line

Just because you’re having a great time, it doesn’t mean that your baby is too. If your baby becomes too fussy or starts screaming, pack your bag and leave the wedding. You can always come back after the baby is calmer, but it’s important to draw the line and be ready to go home even if you feel like staying for a while longer.

Caring for a baby is exhausting at home, let alone at a wedding. Try to have a good time, but remember that your child’s needs come first. Enjoy your time at the wedding, have fun, but be ready to make a quick exit if need be. After all, you want everyone to remember this day for the marriage, and not for your screaming baby, don’t you?