Guide to Decorating Your First Home after the Wedding

Congrats on your wedding, love birds! Your life as a married couple is just starting and your first step is to find and decorate your first home. This is a task many couples dread because they think it’s impossible to finish it without bickering. However, with these tips, you’ll end up with a place that will make your life even better and more loving and comfortable.

Seek inspiration togetherSeek inspiration together

This is a great tip, because not only will you get to spend some quality time together, but you’ll also more likely settle on a style if you’re grabbing your inspiration from the same place. Make a date night out of your inspiration hunting—go to a museum, visit a vintage shop or browse home décor blogs. You’ll surely have fun and find something you both like.

Establish a veto vote

Now that you’re married, you’re officially a team. That means you must work together to make your life happy and beautiful—that includes your home decoration as well. So, if there are only a few points where you know you don’t agree, give each person a veto vote to use whenever they want. However, remember that you only have one, so use it wisely.

Be reasonableBe reasonable

For instance, if you prefer a vintage setup while your partner prefers something modern, make sure to include both of your preferences into the design. Start by choosing bigger pieces and work from there. There are excellent modern leather lounge suites that fit into any space and work with almost all interior design styles. Accompany your model with a few vintage pieces and you’ll have a gorgeous home that will make both parties happy. However, stay away from huge compromises—if one of you is a modernist and one is a traditionalist, don’t opt for something third just to compromise. This can often lead to a place you both dislike.

Make it personal

Sure, the idea of living in a place that looks like it was ripped straight out of IKEA catalog might be attractive at first, but will that space feel like a home? Probably not! So, if you want to feel cozy in your new place, make sure to add your personal touch to decoration whether it’s a modern home remodel or old home remodeling. See which things the two of you share, the things that are special to you as a couple. If you can’t stop talking about your wedding, add a few photos to your walls. Or, if both of you love the cinema, grab a few movies that hold a special place in your heart and display them. You can even try your hands at DIY and create some special and unique items (and a few fun memories).

Don’t rush itDon’t rush it

If you notice you’re arguing over small things, it might be time to put off your decoration for a while. Decorating is a stressful business, and when combined with moving, it can really be too much. So, take frequent breaks from browsing furniture and focus on settling into your life together. After a while, you will realize your decoration feuds have completely disappeared!

Think about important things

Set your priorities straight: Do you love your partner more than you hate their weird Funko Pop figurine collection or their obsession with skin care products? The answer is yes undoubtedly! Once you realize this, not only will your decoration be much more pleasant, but you will also be able to use that realization for the rest of your life together.

Decorating your place might be the first big thing you do as a couple after the wedding. However, it will definitely not be the last, so if you jump over this important hurdle successfully, there’s nothing that can stand in your way! Remember to work as a team and anything will be possible.