7 of the Most Common Wedding Reception Problems and How to Fix Them

Photo by Alan Viau

Weddings are a time for love, happiness, joy, so when stress comes into play, it can throw you for a loop. There is no doubt about it, the happiest day of your life may come with some stressors. There is so much to plan and so much that could go wrong. Don’t let that keep you down though! Be prepared by researching some of the most common problems and learn how you can avoid or stop them in their tracks.

Here are some of the most common problems that happen at wedding receptions and how to solve them quickly and easily:

  1. You planned a gorgeous outdoor wedding and it is now pouring rain, snowing or you have some other type of bad weather. This is very common. As more people shy away from traditional banquet hall receptions and opt for an outdoor one, the weather can be a big issue. To avoid problems, come up with a back-up plan. Ask your venue what they do in case of bad weather. If you are having a backyard wedding, make sure you rent an enclosed tent and ask the tent company what else they recommend in case of bad weather. You may also want to have extra mats for people to dry off their muddy or wet shoes. Also, make sure you have large umbrellas or a game plan to get from one place to another without ruining your beautiful dress and expensive hair and makeup.
  2. If you let kids come to the reception, what will you do when they inevitably start running wild? If you allow kids at your reception, be prepared for some childlike behavior. Make sure you include a kid’s table with plenty of activities to keep them occupied. If you are really worried about kids and unattentive parents, hire a babysitter or two to keep the kids happy and out of the way.
  3. Your flowers have started wilting already! You did not pay a fortune to look at sagging and bruised flowers. Ask your florist about flowers based on the season, temperature and climate of your wedding reception venue. If you are getting married outdoors, you might want to stick to flowers like sunflowers, gerbera daisies, lilies, dahlias, and hydrangeas that last longer in the sun.
  4. As you plan with pros, write everything down. We mean everything! You don’t want there to be a discrepancy the day of the wedding. Whether they forgot something you added later on or the price was different than you thought, if you have it all in writing, you can easily fix the problem that day. Even if you got verbal confirmation, get written confirmation via your contract or email as well. This can avoid a lot of issues with all of the professionals you are hiring for the day.
  5. Guests get lost if you have different sites for the ceremony and reception. If you put a map on the invitations, that can be helpful, but chances are people won’t remember to bring them that day. Print and hand out maps at the end of the ceremony to ensure that guests know how to get to the reception. Then you will also avoid having to start dinner or other activities late because many of the guests did not arrive on time. Also, put directions on your wedding website that people can easily bring up if they need to.
  6. The lighting or decor is all wrong. This can be easily avoided. Make sure you see everything ahead of time to know what you are getting into. Go to the venue before the wedding to double check everything and get a feel for how everything will look. You can also bring different lights or drapes with you to change the lighting with the sun.
  7. Someone gets too drunk at the reception. If you know who might cause an issue ahead of time, consider not inviting them. If you have to, alert the bartender ahead of time to watch how much this person drinks and water down their drinks. The effects of alcohol abuse can be detrimental to a wedding, so don’t forget about this one. Pehaps consider a dry wedding if you aren’t a drinker yourself.

Lastly, just remember to breathe. There is the saying “Bridezilla” for a reason. Things are bound to go wrong with so many working parts. Smile and remember that this is your special day. You won’t care about the little details that went wrong years down the line. You will remember the happy times you had with your new spouse!

Are you getting married? What are the top things you are worried about? Write them all down and write out solutions so you don’t have to worry anymore! This is an exciting time, don’t forget that.

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Contributed by Patrick Bailey