How to Prep Your Skin for the Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day. While choosing a perfect wedding dress, flowers and cake is very important, there is something that most brides-to-be tend to forget about until it’s too late – their skin. If you want to glow like an elf princess from a fairytale on your wedding day, then you should know a few tricks that will help you with that.

pexels-photo-413880Start on time

To have flawless skin on your wedding day, you should start with treatments at least six months prior to the big day. That’s how you will be able to try out different treatments and products so you’d know which ones are the best for you. Consult with your dermatologist about skin problems that you may have. Consider using more natural products in order not to dry out your skin too much. If you can’t afford monthly facials, ask your dermatologist and cosmetician what kind of facials you can do by yourself at home.

Stick to your beauty routine

One of the most important rules of healthy skin is to remove make-up at the end of the day. No matter how tired you are after long days at work and driving through a traffic jam in Sydney, you must remember to clean your face of all traces of make-up. It’s not enough to just wipe it off with wet napkins and wash your face. Particles of powder can stay inside your pores and close them if you don’t clean your face thoroughly. So, after you removed your make-up, use micellar water or essential cleansing milk to cleanse it deeply.

skin-2404166__340Say goodbye to unwanted tattoos

Everybody has a past and everybody made mistakes. If you are engaged, but your old flame’s name is still written on your shoulder blade and framed within an ink heart, now is a high time to get rid of it! Depending on your tattoo size, color and design, you may need to have a few laser sessions to remove it completely. Therefore, you should start with safe and effective laser tattoo removal in Sydney on time so your skin can heal properly before the big day. Consult with your dermatologist about the most effective ways to treat a possible swelling, bleeding or blistering after the treatments.

Body brushing and hydration

Besides your face, you shouldn’t forget about the rest of your skin. Your entire body needs a pampering if you want to glow with radiance on your wedding day. Therefore, make some changes to your bathing routine by including body brushing that will do wonders for your skin. Before you step in a shower, take a body brush and move it in circles, starting from your ankles and going upwards on the front of your body. Afterwards, switch to your back and move a brush from the neck to your lower back. Now it’s time to take a shower and wash away all those dead cells! Apply an appropriate moisturizing lotion and enjoy the softness of your clean and hydrated skin.

pexels-photo-1242349Don’t forget about your hands

Hands are parts of our body that are mostly exposed to various weather conditions in Australia and therefore, they need special attention, particularly as the day when your love will put a ring on your finger is coming closer. First of all, avoid using soaps that will dry out your skin. After you wash your hands, apply a moisturizing lotion every single time, every single day. Try different types of a manicure a few months before the wedding day, so you’ll know exactly how your nails and skin react to certain products.

Once you adopt your beauty routine, there is no need to end it after your honeymoon is over. Porcelain skin is something that is always appealing and you will feel good living in it. Remember all these tips, apply them every day and you can be sure that your skin will be eternally grateful to you.