Love Keeps A Winter Wedding Warm

Any outdoor wedding in February in Ottawa will be cold. That is a guarantee. But warm clothes and a warm heart full of love can beat that.

Sarah and Brendan wanted a winter outdoor wedding. As you have read in other posts, I highly recommend that the couples dress for the weather. February can be a very unforgivingly cold month in Ottawa.

I returned from a vacation in Costa Rica four days before needing to perform their wedding. I boasted a fresh tan and was in the afterglow of +35 C beach weather. I was apprehensive of stepping out in a harsh cold wind for the wedding. I wore my silks under my suit just in case it was bitter.

However, Sarah and Brendan were ready. They are high school sweethearts and have managed to keep their relationship going for 9 years. She is a physiotherapist and he is a professional football player – on the roster with the Ottawa Red Blacks. With a solid relationship, she wore warm mittens and a stole, and he had layers for his suit. And they were lucky to have a mild -5 C sunny day.

We signed the marriage license indoors so we didn’t need to extend the ceremony more than needed. The whole wedding party then took a shot a whisky just before they lined up for the procession. You know, just in case, they needed warming up.

But it was obvious to all that both Sarah and Brendan have this deep love that warms the room and even the outdoors.

I received this lovely note from Sarah a few days later.

“Just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for everything. Our day was even more then we ever hoped for. So thankful we had you and your help on our special day! “