How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Present

We all love weddings, but the stress of finding the perfect gift for the happy couple can often ruin the whole wedding euphoria. Don’t rack your brain and lose sleep over a wedding present! Here are a few tips that will help you choose something your couple will adore and use to the max.

Go with the registryGo with the registry

If the newlyweds have a gift registry, this should be your go-to option. This contains everything they want and need, right down to the color and size of the item. A proper wedding registry has a wide price range, so all you have to do is settle on your budget and hit buy. You can be 100% sure you’re buying something that your couple will love and you don’t have to rack your brain.

Choose experiences

If you want to provide your couple with experiences rather than gifts, it can be a great idea. If you know where they’ll be spending their honeymoon, you can book an excursion, tour or a special treat for two. You can also offer to pay a portion of their honeymoon or book a different, smaller vacation. How about booking a couple’s course in mixology, cooking or painting? If you know they love adventure and learning new skills, this will be a great and very personal gift.

tea-time-3224645__340Consider their likes and dislikes

Think about what your couple likes to do. If they love sports, you can get them a multi-station workout machine. If they love to travel, consider a set of suitcases. If they love to cook and entertain, check out gorgeous Wedgwood dinnerware the will be proud to show off. For instance, combine their plate set with matching teacups and saucers and you’ll provide your couple with a beautiful, practical and timeless gift. If you want something luxurious and glamorous, check out Wedgwood’s Vera Wang collection that’s full of perfect wedding gifts for classy couples. Just remember to think of both partners when getting a gift. Something both of them enjoy will never go unused!

Opt for a subscription box

If you can’t find one perfect gift for your couple, why not surprise them with a smaller gift every month for a year? Subscription boxes for couples are crazy popular today and there are countless options to choose from. From wine and sweets boxes to books and adult toys, find something you know they will love and make their first year together full of pleasant surprises.

receipts-1372960__340Keep the receipt

Another way to give your couple a great wedding present is to keep the receipt and provide it with your gift. This way, they will be able to send back the gift and get something they like and need better. Let’s say you got them a new dishwasher, but they already have one, or the one you bought doesn’t fit their kitchen design. With a receipt, they can return the model, get a different one or replace it with something else. It’s a win-win situation because your newlyweds will end up with something they love either way.

Cash is also acceptable

If your couple already has a place they share, there’s a huge possibility they have a well-equipped home that doesn’t need new linen and appliances. In that case, opt for cold hard cash instead of a traditional wedding gift. This way, they can spend the money the way they want and need—it’s a no-fuss business. However, not everyone is comfortable with cash gifts, so make sure to check with the couple in advance. If they like the idea, you can’t go wrong with money.

Now that you have your gift settled, all you have left to do is dress up and get ready to have a blast on the dance floor together with your happy couple!