5 Meditation Methods For Brides

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Wedding planning and the idea of marriage may be stressful. The work, questions, expenses, and hitches related to wedding planning and upcoming marriages may reveal flaws in relationships. The stress may even prompt some couples to end their engagements and cancel their wedding.

Stress and anxiety during wedding preparations might bring out the worst in engaged people. Future brides who succumb to stress are sometimes called bridezilla. Those coined with this are seen to behave like monsters, related to the extreme pressure and stress of wedding planning.

Brides who are walking down the aisle soon should adopt effective strategies to keep themselves sane and stress-free before their big days. The practice of meditation is one way to keep sane. Here are some meditation methods that people may include in their daily routines so they can remain calm, confident, and mentally healthy until their wedding days.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a meditation and relaxation technique that utilizes serene places or soothing scenes and experiences. Essentially, this technique requires practitioners to guide their minds to focus on specific images to evoke positive feelings. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed and burdened by wedding preparations, take a break and find a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to help calm yourself. Think about a place that makes you happy, such as a picturesque beach, or other peaceful images and pleasant memories. Make the soothing scene come alive by relating your thoughts to all of your senses (smell, sound, taste, touch, and sight). Breathe slowly, open your eyes, and notice how relaxed you feel.

While it may seem simple, guided imagery has the power to positively influence you physiologically, emotionally, and psychologically. This meditation technique may reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, improve self-confidence, manage pain, and help people with a dual diagnosis of an addiction and a mental illness, among other conditions.

Mindfulness Meditation

Wedding preparation may be stressful because it prompts people to think about the future. Prospective brides might worry about their family and friends’ reactions to their weddings, about things that could go wrong during the weddings, and many other things. To counter this anxiety and help you manage this type of stress, consider using mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation trains you to focus on the present moment instead of dwelling on the past or future. Just sit comfortably in a quiet area and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and slowly exhale. Focus on your breathing. Notice how your chest expands and contracts and notice the air entering and leaving your body. When you start thinking about something else, acknowledge these thoughts but do not judge them. Bring attention back to your breathing. Perform these actions for at least ten minutes a day to seek relief from stress.

Body Scan Meditation

If stress is giving you a rapid heartbeat, anxious thoughts, and aches and pains, you may want to try body scan meditation. This method may help alleviate aches and pains, manage stress, and boost overall well-being.X

To practice this meditation technique, sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to relax. As you do so, focus on various parts of your body. If you are seated, notice how your back rests against your seat. Notice how your feet feel on the floor, including the pressure, weight, and temperature. Think about other parts of your body, paying close attention to each one. End your meditation by being aware of your entire body. After taking another deep breath, open your eyes.

Tai Chi

To help cope with wedding planning stress and keep you happy and focused on your wedding day, you can also consider tai chi. Originally created as a form of self-defense, this ancient Chinese practice is a meditation technique that may reduce stress and anxiety.

Tai chi is a low-impact practice that includes slow movements and attention to breathing. People perform each movement after the other to ensure continuous movement. In addition to stress relief, tai chi may also boost your energy and stamina, enhance your mood, and improve your physical body – benefits that may be helpful when you walk down the aisle.

Mantra Meditation

Words are powerful. Repeating a word or phrase has the power to influence. If you need a quick way to calm down and relax, you can try mantra meditation.

Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Choose a calming word or phrase and silently repeat it over and over until your whole body feels relaxed. If you are religious, you can use a short prayer or scripture to meditate.

Different meditation methods can help you manage stress and cope with anxiety as you work on making your dream wedding come true. Consider using these techniques to help you enjoy the preparation process and put yourself in a healthy frame of mind to celebrate your big day.

Contributed by: Adam Durham