Reasons to Move Abroad After the Wedding

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Times have changed so much from when our parents and grandparents have exchanged their vows of commitment. While it used to be the norm to stay in your home country, build a family, a career, and let those existing bonds flourish, we now have the luxury of traveling and taking our home with us. That said, many young just-married couples choose to make this very move and try living in a new place far away from their home country.

The sheer excitement is enough to be the sole reason for many of them to embark on such a journey. However, if you’re having your doubts, but you’re a globetrotter by nature, you and your spouse can determine if moving is the right thing for you based on the following ideas.

Starting a new chapter

The marriage itself presents a new chapter, and it’s celebrated by going away on a honeymoon to spend some time together, preferably in an exotic destination where you can enjoy one another as well as some of the most mesmerizing sights on Earth. Turning the entire marriage into a honeymoon is the dream, wouldn’t you say? And exploring the world would make the best never-ending plot twist to your love story.

Moving away allows you to form new memories in an entirely new destination, among new people, to make new friends, and discover new foods and new streets together. Such a challenging, but immersive and rewarding experience is now possible thanks to the fact that you can keep in touch with your family, return as often as you can afford, and still build a career on the go. So why not use the opportunity?

Building a fresh career path

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Going away also brings new professional opportunities for you and your spouse. For example, native English speakers can find work all across Asia in prominent schools, and join programs such as the Monkey Tree TEFL courses that help boost bilingual skills among the locals. Who knew that something that comes naturally to you can become so lucrative somewhere across the globe?

Nowadays, you can even move your entire business online and start while you’re still at home so as to build a solid reputation and a client base before you set sail into the unknown. That way, you can keep moving to new destinations while you keep your work going, staying solvent as well as adventurous all along.

Bringing up multicultural kids

Traveling should never prevent you from having a family of your own. If you’ve already agreed to have kids, taking that wonderful step abroad can actually be very beneficial for you as new parents as well as for your little ones. You’ll come across a slew of different parenting customs and traditions, you’ll be able to teach your kids the beauty of your own heritage and appreciation of your roots while they are immersed in a new culture, or several of them.

Growing up abroad lets them master your native language at home while they simultaneously learn other languages of your chosen destination. Of course, going back home can be equally exhilarating for your kids, and not to mention that you’ll instill a love for travel in them from day one!

Nurturing the romance in your marriage

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The ability to extend your honeymoon indefinitely brings more perks than you can imagine. Most couples worry that their romance will fade over the years of being married, since having a routine and shifting your focus to the kids and the career has the tendency to cause that somewhat expected distance between the spouses.

That, however, doesn’t have to occur when you move abroad. It doesn’t have to be a spectacularly exotic destination to give you the intimacy and the excitement you need to rekindle the spark, as all it takes is a change of environment, getting to know a new place from scratch, and becoming closer than ever as you encounter the unknown. These bonds tend to last a lifetime, as you face numerous setbacks and adventures together, building the foundation of your marriage on partnership, support, and being each other’s cheerleader.

A simple change of pace

Finally, seeing as how routine is often blamed for the demise of many marriages, people who cannot thrive in monotony or predictability will be able to reconnect, grow stronger bonds, and still enjoy the unknown as they travel with their spouse.

When you feel that you need a change, moving to a new city or country can be precisely what you need to help your marriage evolve even further.


While the decision to move as soon as you get married can be a challenge, your attitude can shape it into the adventure you deserve to use as the base of your relationship. If you’re passionate about travel, use it to fuel your love for one another and leap into yet another adventure that awaits!