How to Plan a Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are always special, no matter if you choose a romantic botanical garden, a scenic ocean shore or your cozy backyard. However, in order to ensure everything is perfect and your guests are comfortable, you have to put on your planning hat on and do some serious preparations. From permits to photograph, here’s how to organize a gorgeous outdoor wedding.

aisle-1854077__340Get your permits

Before you even start organizing your wedding, check whether your dream location requires wedding permits. You might want to get married in the park where you had your first date, but it can require a ton of paperwork, rules and regulations. So, if there’s no way to change your mind about the location, make sure to read all the rules and laws and get your permits in time.

Provide plenty of power

First things first, you’ll need to bring some power to your outdoor venue. Unless you’re getting married in your backyard near electricity, you’ll need a few generators for lighting, refrigerators and music. You can even have a good electrician on speed dial that will take care of any unforeseen issues during your outdoor wedding.

bouquet-1854074__340Light it up

While most of your decoration comes from Mother Nature, it can’t provide you with lighting once the sun goes down. So, make sure to provide your site with plenty of lighting fixtures, candles and string lights. String lights will give your space a true fairytale vibe for very little money. You can also provide every table with some candles to further boost lighting and the cozy atmosphere. Lighting up your architectural and natural elements with some accent light will ensure additional venue safety and highlight gorgeous greenery.

Ensure protection from the elements

Sure, having your wedding on a sunny day is a dream come true, but after some time, you and your guests will crave some shade. You can rent some tents that offer ample protection, but they also ruin the whole point of outdoor weddings—they will create a shut-in feel. So, instead, you can opt for practical cantilever umbrellas that will ensure all the ventilation and open views yet give you good sun protection. Plus, their stylish shape and colors will ensure you only need minimal decoration. So if the weather fails you, you’ll not have to shut down your celebration!

Be creative with the menu

An outdoor wedding gives you an opportunity to really create an interesting menu. For instance, having a Hawaiian pig roast or setting up hotdog and burger stands is a perfect solution for outdoor wedding, but it will never work with a ballroom event. No matter what food you choose, make sure you have plenty of water and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, especially during hot and humid weather. Lemonade and iced tea stands are super cute yet very handy.

wedding-349676__340Provide useful welcome bags

Stock your welcome bags with useful things your guests will love. Think gloves and chapsticks for colder weather and fans, sunscreen and cheap sunglasses for summer affairs. These will come in handy, ensure your guests have a comfy time and serve as a nice memory from your wedding.  Get these in advance, so you don’t have to rush to the store the night before your wedding.

Talk to your photographer

You don’t want to start your ceremony and reception and realize you’re staring directly into the sun. All your photos will be you and your partner squinting in your photos! So, make sure to consult with your photographer and see what they have to say about the ceremony and seating arrangement to ensure perfect photos.

Organizing your outdoor wedding will take some serious work, but don’t let that scare you away from having dream nuptials. With good planning, you’ll have an outdoor wedding that will truly be the happiest day of your life!