These Are the Trendiest Wedding Hairstyles for 2019


After finding the perfect dress, a bride’s fancy naturally turns to other elements that will make up her wedding day look  — elements like her hair. All you have to do is look at your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding photos to see how much hair trends have changed in a couple decades. You can also see how the right hairstyle can make or break your bridal style.

If you’re looking for the most trendy  — but also timeless — wedding hairstyles of 2019, read on. Here’s are the best dos for your big day.

Soft Waves

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Overly curled and sprayed into place locks are out. Natural, loose and beachy waves are in! Leave your hair down and allow your tresses to cascade down your back. You’ll still look beautiful and elegant, but not like a groomed poodle.

Pro-tips: It can be hard for your hair to hold these waves all day, so allow your hair to set in these curls all morning. If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, consider extensions to give your style more hold.

Clean, Classic Buns

person tying white ribbon on blonde-haired woman

To complement the Kate Middleton style of simple and gorgeous dress comes the timeless and chic bun. High or low, this look speaks to an unmatched elegance that won’t look ridiculous by the time your own kids are interested in looking at your wedding photos.

Pro tip: If you decide to go with this look, consider using a good quality hair straightening brush and smoothing products before hand to ensure your hair is sleek and shiny for styling.

Messy Updos

Woman Spreading White Textile

Here’s another royalty inspired look, courtesy of Meghan Markle. The messy updo brings breathtaking beauty to some intentional chaos and can frame your lovely face for your big day.

Pro tip: Use texturizing products to give your look the grip ait needs to last.  Also, spray your hair from mid-shaft to roots for the added volume that’s a cornerstone of this look.

Unstructured Braids

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Not to be confused with the rigorous and tight braids that have been popular for decades, the looser, pulled braids give your wedding do a softer, more laid back but still captivating look.

Pro-tip: Don’t be afraid to elevate a simple braid with some accessories or a headband.

In fact, any of these looks can be enhanced with some accessories. From subtle gem accessories to fascinators to feathered headbands and more, you can use your tresses to really bring together your look. So, you’ve got the inspo, now use these ideas to create your dream style for your wedding day.