Bridal Guide: Make Your Skin Glow for Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look absolutely perfect for her wedding day and therefore, she will invest time and energy in finding the right dress, appropriate make-up and decide how her hair will look like. While all those things are very important, there is one thing that brides-to-be tend to forget and that is their skin. This guide will help you to have a healthy glow on your clear face while you are saying vows to your soul mate.

girl-2771001__340Start On Time

First of all, you should avoid experimenting with your skin few days before wedding because it would be complete disaster to wake up on that day with zits or red face! The best way to have your skin look perfect is to start with all treatments on time. Consult with a professional and schedule your facials at least three or six months prior the wedding so you will be able to determine which ones suit you.

Consult with A Dermatologist

Every person has different skin type and what’s good for somebody might not work for you. To avoid allergic reactions, you should consult with a dermatologist about the best ways to get your skin ready for the wedding. If you are dealing with eczema, redness or very sensitive skin, your dermatologist will know exactly what kind of treatment you need. Make sure to schedule an appointment at least six months prior the wedding!

feed your skin from the insideFeed Your Skin from The Inside

It’s not only facials, creams and various treatments that will give you a fair skin – you can also boost your complexion by feeding it from the inside. Yes, you’ve read correctly! Food can play a vital role in skin health. Let go of all those snacks and junk food and turn to nutrients that will protect your skin. Drink at least two liters of water daily to keep your skin hydrated.

Look More Youthful

No matter how young you are, there are always a few fine lines showing on your face – around lips or eyes and, let’s face it – no bride-to-be wants to look older than she is for her wedding day, right?

girl-3033718__340Get rid of all those betraying wrinkles by indulging into heavenly cool lifting that will refresh your skin and make you look more radiant then ever! It will clear your skin, hydrate it and make it look tighter and silkier than ever before!

Say Goodbye to Blackheads

There is nothing worse for your face than blackheads and that’s why you should consider weekly exfoliation. Depending on your skin type, you can do it weekly or even two or three times a week. If you don’t like chemical face wash, why not making your own homemade face scrub? Natural products can do wonders, clear all dead cells from your face and make your skin smoother and softer in no time.

Body Care

Skin on your body has to be smooth as well and therefore, you should take good care of it. There are plenty body hair removal options, but you should choose the one that will not additionally dry out your skin. If you can’t deal with pain from waxing, ask beautician to remove your body hair with special waxes like chocolate wax. Get rid of dead cells by using a body scrub in the shower. Afterwards, apply a lotion rich with almond milk or Shea butter on your skin. Result? Pure perfection!

Finally, after the wedding and a honeymoon, you could turn all this into your beauty routine. That way, your skin will look perfect and feel as a silk for as long as you want it. And that doesn’t sound bad at all, right?