Sexy Bride, Happy Bride: How to Get in Shape Before the Wedding

Congrats on your engagement! If you already set the date for your wedding, it’s time to start planning your big day and making sure everything is perfect. However, don’t forget that you’ll attract a lot of attention during the ceremony and take many great photos home, so you really want to look your best. So, if you have a few extra pounds that need to go away, here’s how to get in shape before the wedding.

crossfit-534615__340Start early

The best way to really get in shape and stay in shape is to start early and build good habits. One year before the wedding is the ideal time to start since it gives you enough wiggle room to plan your fitness routines, create a good diet plan and stick to it. Make sure to schedule your workouts and meal prep—you’re more likely to stick to your plan if you have it written in your calendar. Starting early and building stable routines will really bring the best results for your wedding day, but also ensure you continue down the right path after the big day!

Eat smarter

No matter if you want to lose weight or get fit and lean, you must follow a good diet. And, by good diet, we don’t mean you have to starve yourself. As a matter of fact, starving will only make weight loss harder and you’ll look flabby and feel sluggish in the end. So, instead of eating mini portions, concentrate on preparing balanced meals full of protein, fiber and good fats. Also, make sure to always have some healthy snacks at hand to avoid reaching for junk food!

Come up with a good workout routine

people-2592247__340Besides eating right, being active is the most important thing you can do to look amazing on your wedding day. Concentrate on compound movement exercises that work several muscles or muscle groups. Round out your workout plan with some HIIT sessions and yoga. This way, you’ll maximize your calorie burn, have a balanced figure and prevent injuries. If you hate going to stuffy gyms, you can invest in some effective exercise equipment and create a little home gym. Only a few pieces of equipment can give you an amazing workout if you just stay dedicated and use them regularly! Pro advice: don’t think that these weight exercises will make you look like Hulk in your wedding attire, so don’t hesitate to pump some iron.

Ensure your progress

During the year, you’ll undoubtedly hit a plateau in your weight loss, muscle gain and motivation. However, in order to continue to progress, make sure to spice up your workouts and use different equipment in your training. This will push your body to work harder and adapt to surprises. Also, workout out with a buddy is always a great way to stay motivated, so grab your future spouse and work on your goals together.

Limit your focus

As your wedding approaches, expect to be showered with chores, so you need to set reasonable expectations. Stick to fitness programs that you like and can do on a constant basis while ditching those that are too straining and take too much away from your focus. If all you have time for is your HIIT, stick with it and forget about your longer strength workouts.

Cut out the bad stuff

Once you have only about 30 days to your wedding, it’s time to ditch those little things that are holding you back. For instance, you might struggle with carb addition or tend to spend too much time in front of the TV. Cut these habits that prevent you from looking your best and concentrate on something productive instead, like planning your wedding!

If you stick to your diet and workout plan, you’ll turn all the heads on your big day and for all the right reasons. So, stay motivated and dedicated and get ready for some great results.