How to Prepare For a Big Sunny Australian Wedding

If you already live in Australia, you already have half of your big summer wedding tasks checked off the list. However, if you’re one of those couples yearning for a true summer wedding, yet live in the Northern Hemisphere, well, you are very welcome to get hitched in the Land Down Under. You can get married alongside sublime vistas with your toes in the sand if that’s your style. Have the reception in some of the finest venues in Sydney, and simply have truly the most spectacular wedding ever, because this land is like no other – a subjective opinion based on love for this land here.

Jokes aside, although this is probably one of the most wonderful countries to get married in, if you’re coming from a different country, you have your work cut out for you. Therefore, let’s get started, because this wedding isn’t going to plan itself.

Carve out the time

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

In order to get everything done, even after you’ve even perhaps googled and contacted some of the venues anda few bands, there is still a great deal of ground to cover. As with any wedding planning, everything takes longer than it should, so we highly suggest you fly down here at least a month prior to the big day. Every day will be filled with wedding execution activities, so the time isn’t wasted. Your best bet is to find an apartment to rent, as this will be most cost-effective.

Get busy

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There is no way you’re getting married just anywhere. You’ve come all this way, so you might go all the way now. As said, Sydney boasts some of the finest wedding venues in the world. Just how spectacular would your day be if your reception were to be held in a place such as the decadently beautiful Le Montage? Or, if you’re a more low-key type, you can even have an open reception, get married at the beach and then head over to your casual yet gorgeous venue such as the Horizons Beach Venue. The best part is, if you go for any of these top rated places, you have the catering checked off the to-do list as well, given that these venues have you covered.

More work

Photo by Benigno Hoyuela on Unsplash

After you’ve hunt down the perfect photographer whose vision coincides with yours, as well as the band that knows how to play all your favourite songs, it’s time to get the two of you all spruced up.

First of all, a bride couldn’t possibly walk down the aisle without having a great facial done at least ten days before the wedding. Then, she needs to find the best salon that will take care of the hair, makeup, nails – the whole shebang. A visit to a good dentist in Sydney is almost mandatory. Perhaps you’ll do a little whitening – after all, you will be smiling a lot for the pics that will last a lifetime, so get that quickly checked out of the way.  Aussie beauties are stunners indeed, so if you’re the bride, you will need to step it up – but in that effortlessly striking Aussie way.

The most important of it all

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

The groom will definitely have no trouble finding a great summer suit – there’s no better place for it than the land of perpetual sun. Well, the bride will have a little more trouble but only because the abundance of incredible choices will overwhelm her so much she won’t know which dress to say yes to. Still, if you’re the bride reading this, keep in mind that Australian summers are hot, so don’t go for anything with too many layers. Also, you are in the land of bohemian chic, so feel free to let your wild spirit out, think outside the box and go for an elegant yet breezy dress that will make you look stunning but also allow you to dance the night away without melting. New wedding trends dictate plenty of sheerness and even wedding jumpsuits, so choose the attire that meshes with your personal style the most.

First, but last

Photo by Helena Hertz on Unsplash

Last on our list, but first on yours, are the save the date cards, seating charts and invitations. There are tons of great places in Sydney to get all of this done, so it shouldn’t pose an issue. All you have left to worry about is who you will invite to fly all the way to Australia (if you’re not from here), and when you do have the final head count, talk to your venue manager and caterer, but most importantly, find suitable accommodation for all.

Yes, there’s a lot to be done, but it’s all worth it if you just think you’ll be married in a place like this. Happy planning, love birds!