Perfect Wedding Tips: 8 Common Makeup Mistakes Bride Make

Wedding photography is reaching its peak today and you definitely want to look amazing in all those photos and videos. So, don’t risk getting embarrassed every time someone mentions your wedding because you look like a clown instead of a glowing bride! Here are the top most common makeup mistakes brides make and how to avoid them.

pexels-photo-1454987Experimenting with completely new looks

It might be tempting, but your wedding day is not the perfect time to experiment with bold lipstick and smoky eyes for the first time in your life. You don’t want to look at your wedding photos and not recognize yourself in them. Sure, your wedding is special and you want to look extra good, but your goal should be to look like yourself (only better and more defined), not like an imposter that crashed your big day! So, choose tones that you know look good on you and make you feel comfortable. There’s no going wrong with this!

Skipping the makeup trial

If you’re organizing a wedding on a tight budget, it might be tempting to skip the makeup rehearsal, but don’t! It might be an extra cost, but it’s the one that’s worth all the money. Schedule your makeup trial at least a few months before the real thing, so you have time for another option if you’re not happy with the first look. If you really want to save money, seek out free makeovers. Many stores often host beauty trend events where you can try out different looks for free!

pexels-photo-1006329Too much contour

Only the Kardashians can pull off a full-on contoured face and look amazing. So, if you’re not one of the sisters, keep in mind that this trend seems outdated and tends to look a bit weird on us mortals. It’s often too strong and can create an undesirable contrast between the face and the body. A more natural look might be the way to go for your wedding day! If you’re desperate for some extra depth, try applying sheer products under your cheekbones.

Skimping on water-resistant formulas

This is a hard no-no! You can expect to kiss and hug so many people, cry your eyes out during the ceremony and dance like crazy at your wedding party, so you’ll really want to invest in quality makeup that won’t budge that easily. The most important thing is to find good water-resistant mascara that won’t give you that ugly raccoon look. You also won’t have to worry about your face slipping off during your first dance and spend half of the party in the bathroom, fixing your makeup!

Overdoing the eyes

The color black shouldn’t be a part of your makeup bag, except for the mascara of course. Black eyeshadow and liner can look too aggressive on most people. Plus, smoldering eyes never look as good on photos as they look in person. They can cast a shadow all around your eyes and create a tired and unattractive effect. So, instead of overdoing your eyes with black, it’s much safer to use other colors that will give you that soft yet glamorous look. Opt for browns, navy blues and deep purples instead!

pexels-photo-916361Neglecting eyebrows

It’s amazing what difference eyebrows can make and how they can change your entire face! So, besides having them waxed by professionals (we can’t really stress the professional part enough), you might also want to define them with brow powder. The best way to end up with a great look is to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows and pick a powder that matches your hair color.

Using lipstick instead of lip stain

Especially if you want to wear a darker shade, opt for a lip stain instead of lipstick or lip gloss. This way, you’ll not end up looking like a clown after your first kiss, you won’t leave lip marks on people and your hair won’t stick to your lips.

Stopping at your jawline

It’s very important to even out your complexion and not stop at your jawline. Make sure to use body makeup on tour décolletage and your back match your face for an even and natural look. Pro tip: if you want to lighten up the face a bit, apply some gold shimmer powder on your collarbones!


Listen to these tips and you’ll truly look magical on your big day. Your makeup will be stylish, look beautiful both in person and on pictures and be perfectly practical!