5 Fashion Tips Every Millennial Bride Needs to Know Now

Millennials are pioneering the wedding gown revolution. They’re breaking up with tradition and deconstructing the formal white wedding dress into something much more hip and Insta-trendy!


If this sounds like you, here are some tips sure to impress!

The Reimagined Bridal Gown

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Thanks to millennials we’re seeing a total bridal anarchy – white, pfft, that was so yesterday! If you’re wedding march is fast approaching here’s what you need to know about the current bridalwear revolution!

  1. Runway Wedding Dresses: The bridal world is now looking to the runway for inspiration because of the millennials obsession with fashion. Being that this populus is connected to all things social media, in order for bridal gown companies to remain in the millennials good graces they’re paying closer attention to what’s turning the younger generations heads. Which Instagram feeds have gone viral. And which fashions are set to take over the upcoming season. It’s from this that dressmakers glean what millennials want! We’re seeing a convergence of fashion and wedding wear. So stay in vogue and you’ll know what next seasons bridal stylings will feature!
  2. Blush Pink: Can you say pretty in pink – we can! This pinkalicious shade has taken the wedding gown industry by storm and every millennial is in serious want of this refreshingly feminine colour for their gown. Many big box wedding dress retailers are now lining their shelves with this on-trend colour. Find the perfect blush pink little number that’s either entirely pink or ombre and you’re millennial approved!
  3. Bridal Rebellion: Do away with the bridal gown uniform. Who says you need to wear a one-piece dress or even a dress at all?! For the fashionably minded millennials, the keys to saying yes to the dress, are whether you can wear it again and does it match your style (even if it defies the basic commandments of fashion)? For these reasons, there’s been an surge in seemingly bizarre wedding outfit choices – from pantsuits to crop tops. Whatever goes. In fact, choose something that reflects you (like a silver dress) because there aren’t any prevailing gown must-haves, it’s more about making the dress fit you instead of having you conform to the time-honoured wedding white.
  4. Princess Bride: First Kate now Meghan, us mere mortals are practicing the art of imitation and as they say, it’s the sincerest form of flattery. On your special day, why not look like a princess? There are loads of royal knock-offs now in circulation. If you have to wear white, this is a wonderful option!
  5. Affordable Fashions: This generation is not only tech-savvy but has also changed the bridal game by demanding gorgeous unique dresses at bargain prices. Don’t just assume you need to drop into your local bridal store anymore. Nowadays, you can browse gown selections in department stores or go virtual and buy online. Like through Ice design dresses online. With all these choices flooding the market, don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Perfectly you is all the rage this season!         

Express Yourself, the Millennial Way

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The millennial generation has rewritten the bridal handbook, nixing tradition in favour of personalizing their dress to match their unique personality. Gone are the days of overpriced white gowns. The future is now, in fashionable ready-to-wear dresses (more than once) in any cut, colour or style because, hey, it’s your day so dress as conventional or avant garde as you wish. After all, you’re the belle of ball!