How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Venue

Picking out a vending venue is maybe the most important step in wedding planning. After you’ve chosen where you’ll tie the knot and know whether it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding, you can determine the number of guests you can invite, as well as the styling and theme. Therefore, make sure you think it through, and don’t rush with your final choice, but use a few of the following tips to get the perfect venue for your big day.

venue-1754494__340It should be spacious

One of the things to consider before making a final choice on your perfect wedding venue is the size of the room, beach, garden or whichever type of venue you’re considering. This will further help you determine how many guests you’ll have and whether it’ll be able to accommodate the entire band or maybe just a DJ setup, a buffet, a bar, and a few tables and chairs. Keep in mind how big of a dance floor you‘d like to have, and whether it’s roomy enough for everyone to be able to dance without stepping on each other’s feet. Even with an outdoor venue, you’ll need ample space on the lawn, in the arboretum, or the poolside.

Think about the level of privacy you’ll need

Each venue has a different level of privacy, so if you don’t want others to barge in or just stand and watch your ceremony from the side, go for something closed. For example, if you live in Sydney and you opt for some of the city’s beautiful beaches or parks, chances are you’ll have a lot of passers-by who’ll wave to you and the guests, or even hang around and observe your happy day. Even if you choose a ballroom or opt for a hotel, remember that those types of venues tend to have simultaneous events and you may hear karaoke-lovers belting Beyoncé through the walls.

beach-3258642__340A great view makes a lot of difference

If you’d like a marvelous backdrop for your wedding photos and a view that you can enjoy the whole day, then going for an outdoor wedding venue should be your final choice. If you happen to be from Australia, you can find exquisite wedding venues in Sydney that will offer you just the view you’ve always dreamed about. Whether it’s a beach, a harborside or maybe a rooftop wedding, Sydney has it all. Just make sure you start looking on time and book it at least 12 months in advance, so you wouldn’t have to rely on alternatives.

Lighting is essential

Lighting is crucial when it comes to your wedding ambiance. It can make or break the entire mood, so if you opt for an indoor venue, make sure you visit it during the day, when there’s maximum lighting available. If it’s not bright enough then, you can only imagine how it will look like when the sun sets. Check how much natural lighting comes through the windows, and whether the lighting fixtures offer enough illumination for your big day to be just perfect.


Don’t ever forget about parking space. Make sure that the venue you choose either has a big parking lot, or it’s near an empty street, where your guests can park their vehicles. Moreover, having a big garage nearby is another great option, if the venue lacks parking space. This is especially true if you’re hosting your wedding in a big city because finding an available parking space in a metropolis can really be a nightmare. However, if you fell in love with the venue but the parking lot isn’t the best, worry not, because you can always arrange a shuttle bus or vans to take guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Planning a wedding can be a serious undertaking, which is why you need to be meticulous and avoid rushing. Take your time to look around, see which place feels the most as your dream venue, and you’ll definitely have an incredible wedding.