Honeymoon While Pregnant – How to Make It Work

If Alicia Keys could plan her honeymoon while six months pregnant, why can’t you? Avoiding your honeymoon only because of the fact that you’re pregnant is simply out of the question, as this is your time to enjoy your marriage regardless of the fact that you’re expecting.

Moreover, bear in mind that this is probably the last time that you and your spouse will have time for yourselves only – the next time you will be able to do this is probably in a decade when your child (or children) is a bit older. This means that you definitely need to organize your honeymoon, pack your bags, but still pay attention to certain things. This is everything that you need to have in mind if you opt for this step.


1. Ask for permission

Of course, we’re not talking about an actual permission, as nobody’s the boss of you (except your baby, who is probably bossing you around when to go to the toilet and when not). However, the first thing that you need to do is consult with your doctor. Basically, you will be allowed to travel during your pregnancy, but it’s very important to check with them first. If your pregnancy is not risky, then you’ll have nothing to worry about. Moreover, your doctor will further tell you all the things you need to be aware of, so this is always the best first step. Also, make sure that you contact your airline company if you’re traveling somewhere by plane. Some companies have strict policies when pregnant women are concerned (most of them require a written approval by your doctor if you passed week 28), so it’s always better to check with them as you don’t want any bad experiences once you get to the airport.


2. Choose your destination wisely

Photo by Jeremy Banks on Unsplash

Now, you can choose your destination depending on what the doctor tells you. Many doctors will encourage your honeymoon but will probably tell you that you shouldn’t travel long distances, especially by plane. So choose your destination according to what they said – it could either be a place somewhere close that both of you wanted to see for so long or perhaps a nearby city that you’ve both seen and loved a lot. It’s very important not to choose places that are popular because of drinking and partying, as you won’t have anything to do there – so, for example, Amsterdam is out of the question!


3. Know what to pack

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As far as the things you are supposed to pack are concerned, the rule is very simple – take whatever you feel most comfortable in. Being fashionable in a different place sounds very appealing, but then again, you cannot be pregnant, sightsee a lot and wear high heels. The first thing that you need to pack is comfortable maternity pants from brands such as Mavi because you’ll be wearing them the most, even though you think differently at this very moment. Of course, you should pack accordingly, depending on the destination you’re heading to. If it’s an exotic one, then bring the best swimming suits that you have, and if it’s a place that’s chilly or cold, bring many sweaters and jackets as you don’t want to catch a cold.


4. Transport is plan B

The main reason for your honeymoon is to spend some romantic time with your spouse, but sightseeing doesn’t fall far behind. You’ll probably spend a lot of time walking and wandering around, but since you never know how much you will be able to walk, it’s always best to have some extra cash that you will spend on taxis or Ubers if needed. Sure, public transport is there as well, but make sure to avoid it (especially the buses or trams) as they can be quite crowded.


5. Do tests beforehand

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Before actually embarking on this journey, make sure that you do all the necessary tests beforehand, and make sure that you don’t have any appointments during that time. For example, if you have an NHS anomaly scan booked at that very moment, the best idea would be to postpone your honeymoon as perhaps you won’t get another appointment for the test any time soon.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to skip on your honeymoon – on the contrary. It would be quite amazing to spend some quality free time with your husband someplace distant while carrying that bundle of joy in your womb. So, this could, at the same time, be the last time you will travel with your husband alone without having a child, but also the first time that the three of you will go somewhere!