Why Self Care is So Important Before Your Big Day

Getting married is stressful. There. It’s been said. We often think our wedding is going to be a lot more fun than it is, but in the last few weeks and days before the big day, we’re more often than not freaking out, huge. Even the couples who have turn-key wedding venues and have enlisted all the help they can get often feel the crunch. Sleepless nights. Poor eating. Harried schedules. There’s hardly enough time to catch your breath, let alone have a coherent thought. The result is that people arrive at the altar looking (and feeling) exhausted. Too exhausted to really enjoy their big day. And that is a downright shame.

You Deserve to Enjoy Your Day!

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days in your life. Don’t be too tired to soak it up. It’s a waste of all the resources you’ve invested in the day. It’s a waste of life! While some stress is inevitable, all hope is not lost. One of the best ways to be able to enjoy your wedding day is to practice unapologetic self care leading up to the event.

Admittedly, you should always be practicing self care. It’s essential to proper mental and physical health, helping you to better be able to cope with stress and calmly, effectively and rationally deal with just about whatever life throws at you. When you let stress build up, you suffer.

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Depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate or be productive. These are some of the biggest mental effects of excess stress.

Weight gain. Achy muscles. Excessive fatigue. Sleepless nights. Bloating. And, over time, even serious chronic diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer. These are the physical side effects of stress.

Haggard. Sallow. Spavined. These are the words your wedding guests will use to describe you if you don’t start taking better of yourself now.

Self care is not selfish. It’s absolutely necessary for you to be able to enjoy your wedding day, and your life. Here are some easy and effective ways you can practice self care before your wedding day.

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Sleep. For the love of little white doves, get to bed at a reasonable time. Don’t stay up all night stressing or retying the bows on all your little wedding favours. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. Sleep is when our cells rejuvenate, helping us look younger. It’s also when our bodies rebalance our hormones so we can mentally and physically operate at prime.

Eat well. You may be running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but that’s no excuse to not eat, or stuff yourself with fatty, unhealthy foods. Carry around some healthy whole food snacks with you. Nuts and dried fruits. Or vegan protein bars (just because vegan bars generally have less junk in them). Squeezable fruit snacks. And water. Drink lots and lots of water to help keep your complexion and mind clear.

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Schedule downtime. No excuses, OK? Schedule time for you to do something relaxing, just for you. Go for a massage. Book an entire day when you can just go for a walk, read, drink tea and catch up on your fave shows. There is no ying without the yang. If you want to have the energy for your wedding day, be sure to schedule time to chill out before hand. The day before might not be possible, but in the few days before your nuptials, you should have at least one day of total, mind blowing zen R&R.

Exercise! Don’t exercise because you want to lose 10 lbs the week before your wedding (not the time to do that!), exercise because it will make you feel amazing. Exercise has been shown to increase your energy, focus, productivity and mood. What’s more, it will help you get a better night’s sleep, so double win!

Don’t just read this article and think about taking these tips to heart. Actually do it! A little self care before your big day can be the difference between having the wedding of your dreams and the wedding day of nightmares. You’re worth it!