5 Cool Bachelor Party Ideas

The good thing about living in 2018 is that you can organize a hell of a stag party, and practically do whatever you please. These parties are popular everywhere in the world, and they’re considered as some of the most unforgettable experiences you can have. So, if you have a bachelor party coming up and you have no idea what to do or how to spend those last days of your unmarried life, take a look at the following fun ideas.


1. A fun getaway with your buddies

Stag parties often involve travelling, so choosing one destination with your friends and heading there for the weekend seems like an excellent idea. You don’t have to go big here and choose something distant and expensive – a weekend trip to a nearby city or town does the trick just as well. It’s always interesting to visit something new, and partying in a city that you haven’t visited before has a certain charm to it. If you choose this option, make sure that you always have your phone charged as you want to take many photographs. Also, if you’re good at working with video apps on your smartphone, you can also make an interesting vlog – seeing this in 10 or 20 years will definitely be quite interesting.


2. Why not make the party hotter?

It doesn’t matter where you are – a stag party is destined to be a blast. However, another good idea is to book a weekend house somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city – it could be the weekend house or cottage of your friend or something that you can book in advance. You can use Australian bachelors for a good example here – these lads really know how to party, and the best way of making it all even hotter is to rent a house for a weekend and invite a Sydney topless waitress to serve them drinks. This is definitely something that screams bachelor party, so if you want a little visual pleasure, this should definitely be your choice.


3. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Even though this is very similar to the getaway we mentioned in the first tip, going to Vegas should definitely be an idea of its own. It’s said that Vegas for bachelors is like Disneyland for kids, and they aren’t wrong. If your budget is big enough, Vegas should be your destination. Booking a room in a hotel and going to different casinos and playing with wealthy businessmen for a night or two is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Moreover, this is the place where you will get the best lap dances in the world, and we all know that every groom should experience one before they get married. Of course, we don’t even have to mention that this should all stay a secret between you and your buddies.


4. An adventurous weekend

If you’re all tired of drinking and partying all night, a bachelor party can also come in the form of an adventurous weekend where you will get to experience and try out different activities to get your adrenaline rush. You can choose different adventure parks and book accommodation somewhere close, and try out different activities throughout the weekend – from zip lining, bungee jumping, and even skydiving if you’re up for a real challenge. This is definitely something that will connect you with your friends even more, and is bound to be an unforgettable event.


5. 48 hours of drinking

Finally, there’s the option of simply drinking and going out during the night. Since the groom will probably stop partying after he ties the knot (or at least party less) it could be a great idea to drain his batteries by organizing 48 days of constant drinking and partying. This could be done next to a barbeque during the day, where you will be sipping beers and perhaps watching football games, while the night can be booked for going out on wild parties.


Even though it might be difficult to choose what to do for a bachelor party, it’s also very important to take the groom’s opinion into account. After all, the most important thing is that you’re all together and have a great time!