Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Wedding Car

It’s your wedding day. Of course you want to arrive to the venue in style! You’ve put painstaking thought and effort into every other part of the event, why wouldn’t this effort extend to your ride? From limos to Rolls Royce to sweet, sweet vintage cars, your options span a smorgasbord of beautiful vehicles. But just because you like the look of a car doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Even if you’ve dreamed of riding in a pink Cadillac convertible on your big day since you were a kid, it doesn’t mean that this is really the best option for you.

Consider these factors before committing to a car.

1. The Elements

From rain to snow to wind and sun, the elements can really take a toll on your perfectly cultivated wedding day style. While seat covers may protect the upholstery from elemental damage, they aren’t going to protect you. Remember that pink convertible? While that may be a good vehicle for riding away from your ceremony, it is not the best idea for before. Unlike you and your intended, high wind speeds and a wedding day coifed don’t go hand and hand. Also, while you can never totally foresee rain, some times of year are generally more prone to rain than others, so if this is when you’re getting hitched, a convertible may not be the best option. Sure, you can put up the top, but that pretty much defeats the purpose of having the convertible. It makes sense to go with another vehicle that appeals to you. That, or change the date of your wedding.

2. Budget

Even renting a luxury vehicle can cost upwards of a thousand dollars for just a couple of hours. This price may be worth it for you, but before you fall passionately in love with a vehicle, set a budget. A budget will act as a guideline and keep you shopping within your means. There’s nothing worse than falling for a vehicle you simply can’t afford. Even if you splurge and get it, you will be starting your life as a newly wed in a deficit. Money issues are a main cause of divorce, so do your best not to begin your new life together under unnecessary financial duress.

3. Room & Board

How many people will be aboard your ride? Just you? You and your intended? The whole wedding party? This is one of the biggest determining factors when considering a vehicle for your wedding day. If it is just you and one or two other people, you have a lot more options than if you need to cram a wedding party of 10 in a single vehicle.

4. Time

This relates back to cost, but is also a factor that deserves consideration in its own right. You need to determine how long you will need the vehicle. If it is only for a ride to and from a ceremony, then a couple of hours is likely enough. But, if you want it for the whole day or even a couple of days, then you need to know that beforehand. Not only will this affect the price if you are renting (i.e. not borrowing from someone), but it will also affect availability. A wedding car in high demand, like a white Rolls Royce, may be available for a couple of hours, but likely not for a couple of days — not if you don’t book way in advance. So, know exactly how long you will require the vehicle before you start looking around.

When all is said and done, the most important factor to consider is whether you feel great about your wedding ride of choice, but these more practical considerations definitely warrant some thought as well. Happy nuptials!

Contributed by Eva Forde