Stylish Groom: How to Pick a Perfect Wedding Suit

Even though it feels like brides attract most of the attention during the big day, grooms actually get the same amount of limelight! So, if you want to look sharp and stylish while tying the knot, here are a few useful tips for choosing a perfect wedding suit.

The fit is everything

The most important thing when it comes to picking out a breathtaking suit is the fit. This means you need a suit that complements your body and highlights your best features. The regular fit is a classic style that allows plenty of comfort and movement. It’s perfect for grooms with a larger build. The next fit you need to know is the slim fit. It looks great on tall guys with a slim physique. Lastly, we have a tailored fit. It will make you look very streamlined but allows more movement and freedom than a slim fit.

Consider different materials

After you find your fit, it’s time to choose the material for your suit. Heavier materials are often considered more expensive and top-quality, so if that is a look you’re aiming for, opt for wool or wool-blended suits. They are really durable and maintain their shape for a long time, which makes them a great long-term investment. However, they can be very warm which can be a problem if you’re having a summer Sydney wedding. In that case, opt for something lighter and breathable like linen. If you don’t have a very big budget for your wedding suit, cotton and polyester are very affordable but they still look quite smart.

Opt for the right finish

While we’re on the subject of material, here’s one very useful piece of advice: choose a fabric that is matte instead of shiny. This is especially important if you’re having a summer wedding in a warm and sunny place like Australia. Check out a few stores that sell stylish men’s suits in Sydney and find a good, non-reflective fabric for your wedding attire. These suits will absorb all the light, appear richer in color and make you look like a supermodel in photos!

Don’t neglect the season

Matching your suit with the season will ensure you look the part and don’t clash with the theme. For instance, you’ll look amazing in a darker wool suit with a windowpane pattern on your winter wedding. Tweed is also a great choice here because of its rustic and vintage vibe. On the other hand, spring and summer weddings require lighter colors and materials.

What about the shoes?

If you want to play it safe with your footwear, follow the three main rules: black, leather and lace-up. Black shoes always look sophisticated and formal, regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit or a tuxedo. Black goes well with most dark suit colors aside from brown. If you have a brown suit, your safest option is to get medium or dark brown shoes that will nicely complement your look. Pro tip: for an extra touch of style, opt for leather rather than rubber soles!

Accessorize your look

Even the most basic suit can look amazing when accompanied with the right accessories. For instance, stylish cuff-links add a touch of luxury and elegance to your look, while a boldly patterned tie looks great paired with a darker suit. Summer events always need a bit of color, so spice up your look with a bright silk tie! These accessories will not only add the finishing touches to your suit but also give some personality to your wedding look, so don’t take them for granted.

Choosing your wedding suit doesn’t have to be a scary and stressful task if you follow these suggestions. And even though you don’t want to outshine your lovely bride, you’ll definitely attract plenty of admiring looks. Good luck in your future life together and remember to have fun on your special day!

Contributed by Diana Smith