Medical Checks You Should Do Before Your Wedding

A great number of couples have been straying from tradition when it comes to wedding vows, and instead of repeating after the officiator, they say it in their own words. Still, it goes without saying that the ‘for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health’ part still applies. Not that illness could stand in the way of true love; when you marry a person, you marry everything that comes with the package, potential illnesses included, but still, it is far better to enter a marriage knowing exactly what you and your spouse can expect. Hopefully, you’re both completely healthy, but checking up on things never hurt anyone, and just like all the big talks you’ve had about values, children and all other important issues, health should definitely be a part of the conversation, along with a thorough checkup, so you can make an informed decision and know if there is something that needs to be tackled.

First and foremost

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Most people don’t marry the first person they date. It takes a while to find that perfect person, and while on that hunt, one is bound to be intimate with a certain number of people. The very number is fairly irrelevant, because STDs don’t depend on the number of partners – it takes one wrong partner to ‘catch something’. So, before you commit to each other, it’s vital that you both take an HIV test as well as numerous other ones in the STD family. The reason diseases from this group are the first ones you should both be tested for is their transmittable nature – whatever you have, your future spouse can get it as well, so it’s extremely important to know you’re out of the woods when it comes to STDs.

Baby talk

If you’ve talked about kids and decided to have them, two important checkups are in order. The first one is a fertility test. Yes, for a woman, this test is slightly more invasive than for the man, but this one is truly very important because if you both really want children, you don’t want to be in the middle of the conception struggle only to find out that something is not right. This can lead to great disappointment and frustration, which is why it’s better to have everything out in the open before you say your “I dos”. The other test is also one that is related to your procreation – the blood group test. You see, there is a medical term called rhesus isoimmunisation, which is essentially blood group incompatibility. For instance, women with rhesus negative blood group who marry rhesus positive men have a greater chance of rhesus incompatibility, which can lead to miscarriages, intrauterine death and even a number of anomalies. These can all be devastating and even lead to the demise of the marriage, so it’s better to know upfront what you are to expect in the family-creation field.

Tackle it together

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A great number of people are unfamiliar with the concept of insulin resistance, and not only is it essential to get familiarized with it, but also tested for it as well, so you can begin to reverse insulin resistance. In essence, this condition doesn’t seem all that worrisome, but it does occur when our cells stop responding to insulin and the sugar simply can’t get in. It can be managed with proper nutrition and other courses of treatment, but if left untreated, it can lead to type-2 diabetes, which is a lifelong condition that affects the quality of life of the person who has it as well as their spouse. This is one of the best tests you can get done as, if you catch the condition early, you have a very good chance of stopping the development of diabetes in its tracks.

The full physical

Before you lovebirds tie the knot, it’s time to get that full physical. Get your heart checked, see if everything is okay with the liver, kidneys, blood pressure. Get your entire family medical history out in the open, see if there are any genetic predispositions for heart issues or even mental health issues – the whole shebang. As we grow older, we know that all these ailments can befall us, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure everything is in spick and span shape when it comes to your general health for now, and if something happens during the course of your life together, well, you’ll be there for each other for those sicknesses.

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