Groom Can’t Decide On Best Man – Has Contest At Wedding


The best man  and maid of honor are usually the witnesses to the marriage license at the wedding. The rest of the bride and groom wedding parties are there to support the couple. What if the groom couldn’t decide on a best man? For this groom, he had a contest during the wedding ceremony.

The marriage license requires that each of the groom and bride have a witness to sign their legal papers. Most often the maid of honor and best man are the witnesses. Other witnesses can be parents or any one else.

Steffi chose her maid of honor to be the witness and had four bridesmaids. Tony had a bridal party of 10 guys. He did not chose who would be his best man.

Before the ceremony Tony gathered his guys and had them close their eyes . He handed out one stick to each of the guys. One of the sticks was red. The guys were given a stick at random and they put the stick in their pant pocket.

When it came to the signing, I called out the guys to take out the stick in their pocket simultaneously. One of the groomsmen cheered as he discovered he had the red stick.


It was a lot of fun. The contest added a little humor and something different to the wedding ceremony.