Rips In Wedding Dresses Do Happen – How To Handle It.

Despite all your best attention, you may end up with a rip in your carefully selected wedding dress. Discovering this may be very distressing on your wedding day. What can you do about it?

In by-gone days, women wore long dresses as a matter of course. It was their usual day-wear. Hoop dresses were invented so men could keep the appropriate distance away from a woman.

The modern dress code allows for closer contact between a man and a woman. We are used to a less distant personal space. I experienced this difference when performing in opera presentations. The women were in long wide skirts. In our hurry to get off-stage, we men would inevitable step on a woman’s train – because we didn’t know the distance we needed to keep.

In addition to  the distance between people, most women today have challenges walking and moving with a long dress with a train. You need to swish your dress around you when you turn. Never, ever, back up as you will step on your dress – keep moving forward.

Because of these issues, I’ve seen a lot of ripped wedding dresses. Some are from simply backing up on their dress, or the groom stepping on the dress. I’ve pinned lots of brides and bridesmaids into their dresses. For one memorable bride, her husband-to-be stepped on it exiting the house. It ripped along the hip line. It got worse when she head-planted into the snow during pictures. She was saved by my friend Cynthia at the Courtyard Restaurant who sewed her back in.

In all the situations where I have encountered this, the bride is upset because she has ripped her beautiful gown.

One interesting situation recently was when the bride was walking down the aisle with her father. All was good, heads were lifted greeting everyone with smiles.

Then as she gets to the front, one of the guests notices the rip in the dress and points it out to the bride. All of a sudden the focus went to the rip! You can see it in the photo. Really, lady, you had to mention it as the bride is coming down the aisle?

The only reaction to this costume malfunction in any case I experienced… move on… let it go…the show must go on. Carry safety pins for quick fix ups.