What the Bride Should Wear for A Fun-Filled Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are synonymous with crazy good times, and this festivity extends to the fashion. For many, deciding what to wear to the bachelorette can be almost as difficult as deciding what to wear to the wedding. The reason is simple: because a truly fun bachelorette means you have to look hella cute and sexy, but it also necessitates that you dress for action. Whether it’s dancing the night away, pub hopping, axe throwing, or hardcore chilling with your girls, you want to be dressed for the occasion.

To pick your perfect outfit, you first have to know the vibe of your party. So, what sort of party are you having?

The Vegas-Style Bachelorette

This bachlorette is the party stories are made of — and possibly, a citation or two. If you’re planning on going all-out crazy for your last hurrah of singledom, you need to make sure your clothes can handle the party. This means you want an outfit that isn’t too constricting, but is super cute and flirty. You also want an outfit that allows you to move and have fun without being on constant damage control.

The solution? The romper! Rompers scream flirty and fabulous, and since the bottoms are shorts and not a skirt, you don’t have to worry about your bottom hanging out if thing get a wild.

Want another great option for a night you may forget even if you try to remember?

Then slip into dress shorts and a bodysuit Dress shorts simply refer to shorts that aren’t super casual. They are fitted, with a sleek look. They can be any colour or pattern you’d like (it’s your night, after all). Like the romper, these shorts allow you to shake your groove thang without exposing your lady bits. Pair these sexy shorts with some heels or ankle boots, a bodysuit, and you’ve got a look that will own the night!

The Spa-Day Bachelorette

Sleeping off a 2-day hangover isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun night. For some brides to be, the perfect bachelorette party involves R&R with her best friends at a spa for the day or overnight (or longer!). If this is your jam, then you’ll want to wear something casual, but posh. Your ideal outfit? A pair of skinny jeans (not distressed!) or any solid pant with a pretty blouse and cardigan. You’ll look gorgeous lunching with your friends before or after your treatments!

If you’re at the spa overnight and plan to dine out, be sure to pack some amazing evening wear. How fancy you’ll want to go will depend on where you are dining, but — as the bride to be — you can’t go wrong with super chic dresses in white or champagne.

The Adventurous Bachelorette

For the bride who wants her bachelorette to be an adventure, dressing for fun and function is incredibly important. Of course you want to look good, but you also want to be able to tackle whatever insane activity you have planned, be it white water rafting, kayaking, skydiving, mountain climbing, surfing — whatever!

You’re perfect outfit is going to hinge on layers, so you can take on whatever your party throws at you. Start with a bathing suit. Remember, your motto is be prepared! A cute bikini would do nicely. Next, layer on a pair of jean shorts, a tank top, and a sweater. Finally, slip into some killer sneakers, and you’re set!

You’re bachelorette may not fit exactly into any one of these categories, or, it might fit into several. Still, you should have some solid ideas of what you should wear to make the most of your big night. Have fun!

Contributed by Queena Shaw