3 European Travel Destinations for Newlyweds

The time after the wedding is an exciting period when you keep learning new things about each other. You continue finding common interests and things you both enjoy doing. If traveling is one of them, do not miss the opportunity to share the experience of seeing new places and meeting new people from around the world. Traveling can make a massive contribution to the collection of memories of your family. Here are three European travel destinations for newlyweds that are non-trivial and 100% romantic.  


It is always a good idea to combine a lazy type of vacation when you lie on the beach and do nothing with sightseeing. Discover new places and their cultural heritage together with your beloved one. Croatia gives you the chance to do so. Apart from the wonderful beaches and breathtaking nature, the country has many places of interest. Especially, if you both are fond of the TV series “Game of Thrones”. When you visit one of the most beautiful cities in the country – Dubrovnik – you will recognize many filming locations. Fort Lovrijenac is one of them. It not only offers a great sea view but also turns into a magical place during the summer theater nights. Take picturesque photos at the Baroque Staircase and inside the Old Town.     


What can be a better thing for the newlyweds than to stay alone in the midst of the medieval architecture and enjoy the romantic atmosphere? Girona is one of the ancient beautiful small cities where it is easy to get lost wandering around the narrow streets and ancient temples. Besides, in just a few hours ride you can visit Barcelona if you want to dive into the different kind of environment with big tourist crowds and countless sightseeing spots. Have a romantic dinner at one of the numerous restaurants at Barceloneta and order paella. The sea view and delicious dishes will create the special mood you will never forget. If you and your spouse enjoy surfing, go to the north of Spain to the city called San Sebastian. You will enjoy the waves of the ocean and magnificent scenery.  


Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It is natural that you would like to visit it someday. Nevertheless, do not limit yourself to the capital city only. France is a beautiful country and there are many places a couple can visit. If you want to escape the crowds of tourists taking pictures of every centimeter of Paris, go to Île de Ré – a paradise island for those trying to leave the problems behind and truly relax. The island is not that famous among the international tourists, although it is here that you will find probably the most delicious oysters in the world. Rent a bike and explore the island. It is a great way of learning about the couleur locale.      

Before you start the journey, decide which places both of you want to visit and make a route map. Think about the way you will be exploring the country of your choice – whether it will be a public transport or you will rent a car. Some cities like Barcelona, for example, are not the best ones to hire a car because you will spend most of the time in traffic jams. Also, learn some basic expressions. The locals always appreciate the efforts of tourists to speak their language. Here is a great list of translation apps you can download before the trip. May every journey you take together be special and unforgettable!

Contributed by Alex Freeman who is a writer and editor at Collegepaperworld.com. Writing is his passion and he can’t imagine doing anything else. He is equally fond of traveling and spends every vacation discovering new places around the globe.