A Guide to the Most Beautiful Plus-Size Wedding Dress Styles

As the big day approaches, every bride starts feeling increasingly stressed out. There is so much to organize – the flowers, the venue, the band, the catering and the cake, the seating chart – the to-do list seems never-ending. And finally – there is the pressure of looking amazing. Almost every woman dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. The hair and the makeup play a big part, but the most important aspect is the dress. Plus-size brides face an even bigger challenge of finding a flattering dress that will hide their imperfections and emphasize their assets. Here are some of our favorite styles that manage to do just that.

Go classic with an A-line

An A-line dress is the most popular choice for good reason – it’s universally flattering. A good A-line will show your bust in its best light, and, as it trails lower, it will mask whatever imperfections you want to hide. Some A-line wedding gowns have a narrow waist, while others have an empire waist which starts right under the breasts. These are a great choice if you’re feeling self-conscious about your tummy. At least it’s a solution that’s easier than trying to get a flat stomach before the wedding. The will mask it, while giving you a very romantic look.

Accentuate your curves with mermaid-style

Mermaid-style gowns are an amazing choice for brides who have been blessed with an hourglass figure. A lot of brides feel doubtful about this style of dress because they seem tight and unforgiving. In reality, they push up the breasts, make your waist seem tiny, make your hips look sexy, and you’ll have legs for days. It’s an overwhelmingly sexy cut, no doubt about it, which is why most experts recommend this type of gown for brides looking for beautiful plus-size wedding dresses.

Hide your hips with a ball gown

Brides who are feeling insecure about their hips should check out fluffy ball gowns. This romantic style of dress is probably the first one that comes to mind, and it’s been popular forever. It’s the classic princess silhouette that is sure to make you feel special on your happy day. But it also looks amazing and is great at emphasizing the bosom, while hiding the hips under layers of tulle or other luxurious-looking fabric.

Show off your bust with a corset

A corset top is an excellent choice for plus-size brides. A corset gives the body some necessary structure and is a great help in wrangling your curves, so that they look positively voluptuous. It’s a very flexible choice because it can be adjusted for a tighter or a more relaxed fit, which means it usually doesn’t matter if you drop or gain a pound or two before the wedding. A corset normally streamlines the waist, tucks in the tummy, and lifts the breasts.

Go minimalist

Overly embellished dresses can seem too fussy and draw attention to the imperfections rather than draw away from them. Clean lines can do wonders for the figure, provided that the gown is well-tailored. If you’re getting your dress off the rack, work with a tailor who will customize it to fit and flatter your body. The minimalist dress trend has been going strong, which was evident in the royal wedding too. If it was good enough for the Duchess of Sussex, who are the rest of us to complain, right?

When all is said and done, the most important thing is to be able to look back on your wedding day with joy. The most beautiful brides are the ones who glow with happiness. So, try to stress less, and enjoy yourself more.

Contributed by Diana Smith