Your Guide to Buying the Best Wedding Gifts

Wedding gift shopping can be difficult. Even if the couple tried to help you out with a wedding registry, sometimes all the gifts in your target price range are already bought. But no matter the couple or the budget, it is possible to find the perfect gift for the special pair.

Around the House

After the wedding calms down, the newlyweds are likely to spend some quiet nights in. One of the greatest comforts of home is a soft, warm bed at the end of the day, especially after a hectic season of wedding planning. Consider getting them some of the best quality linen bed sheets to enjoy night after night. Not sure what colours to get? Neutrals always work well, or have a peek at their registry to see some of the colours they’ve already chosen. If your budget will expand a bit farther, you might add a blanket or throw pillows – but only if you know their style and colours.

Instead of Money

One traditional wedding gift is is money, but if that’s not your style or you want something a little more personal, you can help the bride and groom shake some of that post-wedding stress off with some gift certificates. You can get gift cards for an evening at the movies, or to their favourite restaurant. If your special couple are big readers, they might enjoy a gift certificate to their favourite book store. If you know the couple are more apt to stay in than go out, consider a movie rental gift certificate, paired with some stay-at-home snacks, or some nice wine. One really thoughtful gift is a gift certificate to a home cleaning service, something anyone can enjoy! And even better, this type of gift fits any budget.


Some of the most treasured gifts are those that are truly unique. If you’re crafty, consider making them a personalized gift. What about some handmade candles, or a hand knit rug? Even if you’re not good with the do-it-yourself ideas, you can still find some great gifts at every prices range from crafter sites like Etsy. You can find something for every budget, from original wood engravings that memorialize the date of the wedding, to custom photo albums for your lucky couple to organize all their wedding photographs.

Get It Together

Sometimes there’s a perfect gift already waiting on the couple’s registry, but it’s way out of your budget. Consider going in with friends or family to give it jointly. Or, if you can find the same gift somewhere else cheaper (and within your budget), save a little money and get it elsewhere. The couple will enjoy it all the same!

No matter what you buy, remember to select your gift with love, and with the couple in mind. As long as you do this, you’re sure to buy something the newlyweds will cherish.

Contributed by Regina