Flower Girls Remind Us of Innocence At A Wedding

I really enjoy seeing young flower girls come down the aisle. All dressed up, they come just before the bride’s entrance. All full of wonder and innocence as they often shyly make their way, they are a reminder of the beginning of a journey.

I was struck by two weddings lately who had younger flower girls. As is their usual fashion, their walk down the aisle is somewhat unpredictable. With everyone staring at them, they become somewhat amazed and maybe shy. They deposit the flower petals, meticulously, one at a time, down the aisle.

When they make it to me, I encourage them to spread more flowers where the bride will be standing. Sometimes I get a strange look and they put a few more down. Or they may just dump the whole basket and be done with it.

I pondered on their position in the bridal party. I muse that the flower girls are there to remind us of the innocence of children, especially the bride that follows, because she was once a child too. Is it a reminder of the eventual process of a child becoming an adult and passing through a threshold of life as a wife? A journey, a passage, a milestone in life.

Is being walked down the aisle by one or both parents, a marker that childhood is over. That the bride is now entrusted to lead her own life beyond the care of her parents.

And just as your parents saw you take your first steps as a child, they now witness your first steps as a blossoming adult. All full of wonder and innocence,  making your way forward.