Wedding Lingerie Basics

After watching countless style makeover shows, if there is one thing we ought to have learned is that lingerie can make or break a look. Women often choose the wrong cup size and even type of bra, which ends up looking unflattering and highlights all the areas you don’t want, or perhaps don’t even have, such as the ‘back fat’ created by a bra that is too small and hence cuts into your skin. The same goes for underwear – if you choose the wrong cut it will definitely emphasize the shortcomings that are, again, most likely non-existent but created because they’re too small or too big for you. Now, as paramount as the choice of proper lingerie is in everyday life, it’s absolutely vital when it comes to your wedding day. This is your big day and you want and deserve to look stunning and flawless and most importantly, feel comfortable and supported, which brings us to today – how to find that perfect underwear for the perfect day.

Sexy vs. functional

Photo by MAX LIBERTINE on Unsplash

Let’s talk bras first. Sexy bras such as see-through lace ones do look incredible, but not everyone can pull them off. Women who have a small cup size – A or B can ‘get away with them’ as these cups don’t require plenty of support. You won’t be able to feel sexy unless you feel comfortable and secure, and only the right bra can do that for you. This is where a great solution such as the Shortee bra by Shapeez comes in. It’s the ultimate bra that doesn’t only hold everything in place, but thanks to the full seamless cut in the back, it makes absolutely sure that there isn’t even a hint of that dreaded back fat that can somehow appear regardless of how skinny you are. Now, there are situations in which a girl doesn’t even require a bra, especially if her dream dress is a strapless corset one since the corset is sturdy and supportive enough.

Shape-fitting and supportive

We’ve covered the basics when it comes to bras – shape fitting and supportive is the new sexy, particularly when your bust size is larger than a B cup. Let’s move on to other undergarments. Every woman has a body part that is a cause of insecurity, and for many, it’s the waist. Thankfully, an incredible selection of great shapewear is available now, so you can choose something like the Tankee Long, which smooths out all the lines on your torso and is completely invisible and seamless, allowing you to wear the most tightly fitted dress and not have any bumps visible.

Feeling good in your skin

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This is a priority, as there are many women out there who have been envisioning this perfect day for an immensely long amount of time and want everything to be perfect. It’s highly likely that you’ve switched to a healthier diet, that you exercise, but there are certain body parts that simply refuse to let the little pockets of fat go. If this is the case with you, and it’s a source of your insecurities, you probably long to say goodbye and good riddance to this pestering fat. For that, you can always turn to the non-invasive body sculpting procedures in clinics such as the reputable Medisculpt as these professionals will make sure you get the best possible results and feel confident and gorgeous.

Undergarments before the dress

While many will tell you to choose your dress first and lingerie second, we beg to differ. Every body is different, and it’s absolutely essential to pick the right underwear first so you know which cuts and silhouettes you can rock and look amazing in. Always take your chosen underwear when you’re dress-hunting and let your body and hence your lingerie dictate the dress type, not vice-versa.

The matter of bottoms

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When choosing bottoms you have three options – to go with a sexy thong or even lace boy-shorts, to go for regular seamless panties or to opt for great and ‘always here for you’ Spanx. If you feel like the right dress for your body type is a high-waist ball gown you can go with skimpy and sexy undergarments, as the volume and layers of the fabric make it impossible to spot any flaws. However, if you opt for a fitted dress made of a single layer of material, or even more fitted – the mermaid dress, you need impeccable shapewear, regardless of your body type and size, as these dresses are highly unforgiving. Full line Spanx are the way to go as they will cover and smooth everything from your waist to thighs, just make sure they’re great quality – you don’t want them to slip and slide, so sturdier is always a better choice. However, make sure you purchase them in the right size as you don’t want them poking into your thighs and giving you more grief than help.

Practical issues

There will come a time during this day when you will need to go to the washroom. Now, if you’re wearing a light single-layer-of-fabric dress, you don’t need any assistance, as lifting it up shouldn’t pose a problem. However, if you have a multi-layered larger-than-life gown, say goodbye to privacy and call your bridesmaids to come along. One way to go about ‘this business’ is to take the dress off altogether, or have a bridesmaid on each side as they lift the dress up and you reach behind and separate your Spanx. It may sound a tad tricky, but hey, that’s part of the job they signed up for.

Contributing Author: Claire Hastings is Australian designer, writer and regular contributor at ripped.meShe’s been writing as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat. Social media links:  facebooktwitter