7 Steps Towards a Perfect Engagement Party

Congratulations on that sparkly thing on your finger! Now that you two are certain that you want to spend your lives together, it’s time to share it with your family and friends during your engagement party. So, if you’re still a bit shaken up by your proposal and can’t think straight, here are a few ideas that will help you organize a great engagement party.

Save the date

Traditionally, engagement parties take place shortly after your future spouse pops the question, but in case your proposal happens abroad, you can get away with a slight delay. Some couples even choose to announce their engagement at the party! However, make sure to pick the right day that will work for all your closest family members and friends. Both you and your guests will be disappointed if someone can’t make it to the celebration of your life.

Send invitations

If you’re organizing a more formal party, opt for simple paper invitations. However, a more casual event can benefit from fun and lighthearted e-vites. They are very affordable and come in an endless variety of designs and options.

Register for gifts

Even though gifts aren’t expected at an engagement party, some guests will want to bring them anyway, so it’s better to get something you need. Just make sure to register for low-cost items and leave bigger gifts for your wedding wish list. However, if you really don’t want to bother your guests with gifts, mention it somewhere in your invitation. This way you’ll avoid any confusion.

Pick the venue

Depending on your preference and budget, your engagement party can be as big and formal or as small and intimate as you like. Booking a private dining room at the restaurant where you had your first date is a great formal choice. However, many couples today opt for something more casual, especially in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Having your engagement party at your Sydney home or in your parents’ backyard is the perfect way to keep things low-key. Just make sure everything is in order before you invite your guests. Find an experienced Sydney electrician to take care of all your electricity issues and provide your party with ample illumination. Ask them to conduct an electrical safety inspection, just to make sure everyone stays safe!

Decorate with style

Make your engagement party a real party and dress your venue. However, don’t go overboard. When in doubt, go for some fresh flowers, colorful fabrics for the tables and romantic candles for a touch of romance. You can also opt for a few accents that will set the theme for your wedding (if you already know which direction you’ll go).

Prepare tasty food

If you’re planning to serve alcohol, make sure to provide your guests with a few snacks. Fancy cocktails match well with small appetizers, cheese plates and crudités. Some plated food will be a nice touch for a very formal engagement event, just make sure to keep it light and simple (leave the five-course meal plan for your actual wedding). If you’re having a casual backyard party, feel free to fire up your grill and organize a full-blown cookout! Don’t have time to deal with food? Call a professional who will cook for you and your guest and make your party even more special!

Dress appropriately

Make sure to choose an outfit that is appropriate for your type of party. You’ll feel great and casual in a sundress at your backyard engagement party, but a cute little cocktail dress is more appropriate for a formal event. Your groom can opt for a simple linen shirt during an outdoor event or a light gray suit for a formal party.

With an engagement like this, there’s no way your wedding and marriage will be anything less than perfect, too!

Contributed by Diana Smith