The Best Wedding After-Party Dress For Your Body Type

The wedding ceremony is over, and for many guests (and brides!) this signals the chance to step out of your more constrictive formal wear and into something a little more fun. Fun, and if you wear the right dress, super flattering.

While you may fall in love with a beautiful dress, it may not be the right fit for you. A lot of what makes a dress amazing is how it looks on the person wearing it. It’s your figure and your personal flare that brings style to life. So, if you’re looking for a dress to wear to a wedding after party, read up on these tips before you buy. They’ll help you find the ideal dress for your beautiful bod.

If you’re bottom heavy…

There’s a lot to love about having a bit more junk in your trunk. In addition to pear-shaped women having healthy bodies and longer life expectancies, they also look fabulous in dresses with swingy A-line skirts.

If you’re apple-shape…

Carrying a little more weight around your centre is no reason to hide your body in a frumpy baggy dress (which will only add more weight to your midsection). Instead, create some curves by selecting a dress with a nipped waist. Wrap dresses also look becoming on apple-shape figures.

If you’re hourglass…

Admittedly, there is almost nothing you can’t wear if you have an hourglass figure, but a beautiful pencil dress will really highlight your killer curves. Just keep in mind that since this dress is super figure-hugging, a more conservative neckline will do wonders to keep your look from transitioning into trashy from classy.

If you have a long torso…

We hear a lot about long legs, but not many of us talk about having a long torso — and the short legs that often go with it. To create the look of longer legs, opt for a dress with a higher waistline.

If you have broad shoulders…

Broad shoulders are nothing to be ashamed of — they’re beautiful — but if you want them to look balanced with the rest of your body, opt for a dress that draws the eye in, like a dress with a V-neck or a halter top.

These are not by any means the only dress styles that will look great on your body type, but if you’re looking for the best bet, these are the cuts and designs that are almost guaranteed to.

Contributed by Regina


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