How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process. Deciding on the venue can also be one of the most stressful and taxing decisions that the couple has to make. The venue is where all the guests come to celebrate with the newlywed couple, as well as provide the atmosphere and mood to all who is involved.

There are several things to consider if you are wondering how to choose a wedding venue for your special day.

Ask yourself these questions; how many guests would you like to have? How flexible do you want the venue to be in terms of food and decorations? How personalized would you like your wedding to be?

Listed below are three venue options with varying accommodations in hopes of finding the right wedding venue for you.

Hotel Wedding Venue

Having your venue at a hotel provides a variety of options. Guests who travel far for the wedding would be able to stay at the hotel where the venue is located. Established hotels often have large rooms suitable for both the weddings and the reception. Catering is also a service that many hotels provide. If you are looking for a venue that can provide a variety of services for your wedding day, a hotel venue is a viable option.

Pros: Package Deals

Many hotels provide package deals for the wedding day. These package deals may include the venue, decorations, chairs and tables, catering, lodging, and more. Package deals are great because for one price you can get the many services that they provide with that package.

This is also helpful because it is less of a hassle for purchasing each service separately, which would eventually cost the bride and groom more money than a package deal.

Cons: Less flexibility

While having a variety of services available is helpful, it also means there is less flexibility. There are limited options with the services they provide, and the hotel may be picky on which suppliers you use for outside services.

For example, if they provide catering in the package deal, the food may be limited to one or two types of cuisine or alcoholic beverages. The decorations may be limited to a certain theme. If you are someone who wants to handpick all the little details, this may not be a good option on where to have a wedding ceremony.

Exclusive Hire Wedding Venue

An exclusive hire wedding venue is a venue where you pay to have privacy and personalization at the venue. This ensures that no unwanted guests bother you on the big day, and you can decorate the venue how you like.

A big plus is that you get to your story through your wedding venue. Whether you want outdoor wedding venues, such as garden wedding venues and vineyard wedding venues, or indoor wedding venues, such as loft wedding venues and historic home wedding venues, these different locations will give off different vibes and characteristics to your wedding party.

Pros: Privacy

Privacy is the biggest gain from having an exclusive hire wedding venue. For couples that fear for unwanted relatives crashing the wedding, this is the best option. For couples that don’t want a hotel as a wedding venue, note that this type of venue is also suitable if you plan to have a formal, unique and sophisticated dinner wedding, similar to what a hotel can offer.

Cons: Planning

This type of venue would ensure privacy. This would not be the best option for you if you have smaller groups of guests, because you can focus more on quality and other smaller details. However, private wedding parties involve more coordination of suppliers. It also requires you to be more hands-on to every little detail.

Restaurant Wedding Venues

Restaurant wedding venues are beginning to gain in popularity due to being a less traditional option, as well as having an intimate setting and delicious food. For a small wedding party who desires a relaxing atmosphere and great food and drink options, this is a great venue choice.

Pros: Atmosphere

Many restaurants provide a more laid-back and intimate atmosphere in which the guests and couple can feel more relaxed. This environment is best for couples who don’t particularly wish to have the traditional form of wedding and reception, yet still want the semi-formal venue.

Cons: Small

Like exclusive hire wedding venues, the downside of having your venue at a restaurant is the small accommodation space. This is perfect if your wedding party is small, but if you wish to have a medium or large-sized wedding, this type of venue may not be best for you. Due to the size, the type of decorations you wish to have may also have to be minimal.

There are many places to have your wedding. The key is to find the venue that best suits your own personal needs and desires. Whether you have a large, medium, or small wedding, traditional or non-traditional, personalized or non-personalized, there is a venue that will meet your needs. Let this list be a starting guide to finding the right wedding venue for you.

Author Bio: Paige Ellingson is an inspired writer, currently based in SE-Asia. Paige researches and writes content for many brands around the world. Currently, she writes for E88 Bangkok, the creative space features the event space for the wedding in the heart of Bangkok’s CBD. Her passion for helping people and business in all aspects of content marketing flows through in the job role she is in.