Honeymoon Packing Essentials

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It’s time for the honeymoon, the most beautiful trip of all! It’s high time you relaxed from all the wedding preparations and the actual ceremony, so going somewhere alone with your husband or wife sounds like an excellent plan. Since you want to be stress-free for the actual packing (you’ve had enough with the wedding ceremony!), having a checklist might help you a lot. Clever packing will also save you much time in the actual process, so make sure to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the most important things you should pack. If you forget something other than the things on this list – it won’t be much of a problem, as you can buy that anywhere. However, some things simply mustn’t be forgotten. Take a look:


Photo by STIL on Unsplash

The most important thing that you should prepare are all the important documents. Make sure to list everything that you need, and lay them all out on your dining room table so you don’t forget. These include your passport and airline tickets – this is something that can’t be bought again, and that is why they should be your number one priorities. Moreover, print out the booking confirmation for the hotel – it’s always better to have all the confirmations in print. Of course, you probably won’t forget your wallet and your credit cards, but put those on the list as well. In order to be perfectly prepared, make sure to have a copy of each of the important documents – better safe than sorry.


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As far as clothing is concerned, that will probably take up the biggest part of your suitcase. Since you don’t want to take things you won’t be wearing with you, the best idea would be to check the weather forecast, or take clothes that are made for that specific journey. For example, if you’re going to a country which is hosting a big festival, taking trendy festival clothing should be the first thing that you do – you don’t want to visit a festival in inappropriate clothes. If it’s an exotic destination, you won’t be needing sweatpants and jackets – bring light clothes and a couple of light long-sleeved cardigans or jumpers in case it’s cold. You should also know that you should go with comfortable clothes – even though it might seem you will be wearing those high heels or smart clothing to a special event in a different country, chances are that you will probably regret this decision and stick to shorts and t-shirts.


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This is definitely something that you can buy anywhere, but why would you spend money on unnecessary things if you can bring them from home? First of all, pack all the necessities, such as a toothbrush, your moisturizers and facial crèmes –basically everything you’re using on a daily basis. Moreover, think about other issues. For example, if you’re not prepared to have a baby yet and want to enjoy your no-parents life a little bit more, take your birth control pills, condoms, or whatever you use for protection. It’s always better to take these with you than to buy them anywhere else. Don’t forget your perfume, even though you will be able to buy it at the airport – and sometimes find a very good deal.

Accessories and gadgets

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Lastly, let’s talk about the things that can make your journey there less dull. One of the things that many people forget while going on a vacation is their charger, so put that in your bag first. Also, take an extra battery or a power bank with you – you’ll definitely need it. Furthermore, pack some good books that you will be reading on the plane or the beach, headphones and other things that help you pass the time. As far as accessories are concerned, again think about the weather. If it’s a summer honeymoon vacation – pack your hats and sunglasses. And finally, now that you packed everything you actually need, you have time to pack your jewellery, watches and all the accessories that make you happy.

You might think that packing for your honeymoon is no different from packing for an ordinary trip – but that’s just not true. There’s two of you, and both of you had a rough time planning the wedding, so the chances of someone forgetting something important are quite high. That is why planning everything in advance can literally save your lives. Bon voyage and congratulations!

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