Straight From New York Bridal Fashion Week – 5 Dresses You’ll Never See In Ottawa

Every year I get previews and invites to the New York Bridal Fashion Week. I get to see the latest offerings from top designs of the visions for brides. Then I compare their creations to what I have experienced from brides in Ottawa for 14 years. Some I can say would never make it up here.

I have something like 14,000 pictures from some of the 1200+ weddings I have performed in Ottawa. I started taking them because my sweetheart would also ask me when I got home what the bride was wearing. My standard answer was: white!

My poor frustrated seamstress sweetheart. She began educating me on the styles, color, and accessories. I began snapping pictures so she could see them and explain them to me. I am blessed with a very patient woman.

I can look back at what was worn. These days I am invited to see what is coming through the New York Bridal Fashion Week. I get to peek at the cutting edge designs from the top people in the world.

And yet I wonder when I observe some of them. Would I ever see these on a bride coming down an Ottawa venue aisle? I know these are suppose to be concept pieces – but still even that is stretching it.

Alright folks, here they are right off this Spring’s New York Bridal Fashion week, bridal trends that will NOT be popular in Ottawa for 2019.

5- Witches of Eastwich stay home: Vera Wang

4- Lace over Lace over Lace: Naeem Khan

3- Mocking Jay reboot: Rivini

2- A Bathrobe perfect for your at home wedding: Jenny Packham

1- Pyjama Party Anyone: Rivini