Lack of Sleep Can Ruin Your Wedding Day: Tips on How to Get More Sleep

You’ve got the dress, you’ve sent the invitations, you’ve managed to avoid any fake tan nightmares. It’s the night before your wedding day and after a loooot of planning, you’re finally ready to say “I do”.

Now all that’s left is to get a great sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed. Easy, right?

Wrong. Because unfortunately, your mind is probably buzzing with a million thoughts, worries and plans. It’s been on overdrive for so long and it refuses to settle down now, when you need it to most.

And the last thing you want to be is exhausted on your wedding day. To be pasty and puffy-cheeked for the photos, to be stifling yawns for the speeches, to be anything other than your most dazzling and excited you. It is your big day, after all – and you want to cherish every moment, not to be counting the minutes until you can go to bed. (Well, unless it’s for something other than sleep!)

So here’s how to get more sleep during the run-up to your wedding, as well as for the night before. Meaning you’ll be a more rested, happier bride when the big day arrives!

6 months until “I Do”:

Even though you have lots of time, this can often feel like the most stressful time of your wedding preparations; and the time in which you lose most sleep. There’s so much to do – bands to choose, photographers to book, seating arrangements to be made – that it can all feel a little overwhelming.

So instead, try to focus on one, achievable thing every week. Make a list of things to do and give yourself one task on Monday to achieve by Friday; whether it’s picking your wedding cake design or buying bridesmaid dresses. Of course, it won’t always be as straightforward as completing one task a week – those dresses can take a while – but it means that the big picture seems less daunting, once the smaller details are in reach. And you’ll sleep better as a result.

1 month until “I Do”:

You really should’ve been delegating by now but if you haven’t… it’s time to start! Make use of those bridesmaids you’ve appointed. Get them collecting flowers for the church, organising playlists for the DJ or making up party favours for the reception. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – especially if the stress of these activities is costing you sleep!

Remember to keep organised with the tasks you’ve delegated; you can even list them in a spreadsheet with the names beside them so you know who’s doing what. Once you know they’re all being taken care of, a sounder sleep will come much easier.

1 day until “I DO”:

And so, we’re back to the night before. If you’ve followed my advice so far, you should be feeling pretty chilled out by now. Everything’s been done and it wasn’t half as stressful as you’d imagined.

Still, just like Christmas Eve, it can be hard to control your excitement and get to sleep.

There’s plenty of top resources out there which can help you sleep better at night in general; but here are a few extra ones for the night before the big day:

  • Get to bed early. It might be tempting to stay up chatting with your bridesmaids, or to rewrite those damn vows, but try to resist!
  • Keep the alcohol to a minimum. Have a glass of wine at dinner but no more; otherwise your sleep will surely suffer.
  • Turn off your phone so you can’t be tempted to text your hubbie-to-be with random worries…and remember to ask your hotel for a wakeup call!
  • Have a long bath, write any nagging thoughts down in a diary so they don’t keep you up and try a meditation exercise to calm your body and mind further. This “progressive relaxation” one is great for winding down.

Hopefully these tips will help you to stay calm and well-rested in the months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding. And now that you know how to sleep better the night before, there won’t be a dark circle or drawn expression in sight for those wedding pics!

So sleep well in the time coming up to your wedding and you’ll be able to enjoy the day as it’s meant to be…as the happiest day of your life.

Congratulations to you on your big day, and may you have a great sleep until it arrives!

Contributed by: Sarah Cummings