5 Crafty and Sustainable Wedding Favour Ideas

With so many big decisions to be made about your big day, it may be time to consider smaller ways to make your wedding unique while also being friendly to the planet. Enter some fantastic wedding favour ideas sure to be enjoyed and used to the fullest while also being eco-friendly. For the creative at heart, here are some ways that you can make and personalize your wedding favours, helping your guests to fondly remember your special day.

1) Make natural, organic soy candles.

Although you could take a class to learn how to make soy candles, you can also do some online research to learn how to perfect this craft. You can make these eco friendly wedding favours by using chemical-free, organic and herbal ingredients to create a special memento of your day that your guests will enjoy in their own homes. Offering several different varieties of soy candles also allows guests to choose which scent they may prefer the best. Favorites include lavender, jasmine, vanilla and spearmint eucalyptus.

2) Hand-engraved goblets.

Although it may seem intimidating at first, the process is fairly simple, economical and fun. With a simple glass etching kit from your local hobby store and a collection of goblets, you can create a gift that is both practical (you can use it at the wedding and save the cost of renting) and reusable for years to come. You could also substitute any glass object that you may like, from a different type of glass to a glass candle holder.

3) Bake some eco-edibles.

Hardly any special edible treat goes to waste, especially when you have procured your ingredients from eco-friendly, sustainable farms. Think about what kinds of foods are favorites of you and your significant other or foods that may go along with the theme or venue of your wedding. If you need some help, check out these homemade edible gift ideas that are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

4) Create a hand-thrown ceramic item.

The sky’s the limit with this one! If you don’t already know how to hand-build a piece of ceramics and pottery, take a class to learn some hand building techniques for beginners with your significant other. This maThen, use your new-found skills to create a small pot, mug or bowl for each guest. You can let your creativity shine with hand-painting, burnishing, stamping, and stenciling techniques to give each piece a unique look.

Then, if you choose to create a pot, fill it with a little potting soil and an aloe plant (or other succulent) to make a batch of nature themed wedding favours sure to bring a smile to the face of each guest.

5) Design a ring with wax carving.

This is definitely a project that you will need some instruction in, so visiting a workshop or studio to learn how to design jewelry in this way is a must. However, you will learn how to carve, shape and design a custom ring using wax. Then, your creation is ready to be taken to a professional fine caster in order to be cast as many times as you need in the metal of your choice. Designing and casting your own jewelry memento for guests is one of many great wedding party favours ideas that leaves a small footprint and can be customized for your size of wedding.

Coming up with sustainable wedding favours should be fairly simple and easy. Now the hard part will be choosing which one you want to represent you as you thank your guests for being part of one of the biggest days of your lives.

Contributed by Alicia Hill